Seven Essential Skills for Qualified Personnel in 21st century

  Technical and technological skills will be more important. There will be a growing need for people who can understand and fix systems — from computer systems to product distribution systems to plumbing systems.

  Visionary skills will be in demand. The ability to gather and absorb a wide range of input, then use that knowledge, understanding, and perspective to guide organization into future, will be vital.

  Numbers and measurement will be important, of course, but smoothing the flow from month to month, from quarter to quarter will be essential for highly profitable long-term performance. Practically every company will have to move away from today’s obsession with looking ahead only as far as the next financial reporting period①.

  Ability to organize will definitely be important in the corporation of the future. Everywhere there will be a need to organize something: resources, workflow, marketing mix, financial opportunities, and much more, all will demand high levels of organization and reorganization.

  Persuasive skills will be used in many ways by the corporation of the future. The most effective individuals will be those who know how to present information and ideas so that others can understand and support a particular position. Good salesmanship will be essential in many more interactions than we consider today, especially inside the organization.

  Communication skills — careful listening, clear writing, close reading, plain speaking, and accurate description will be invaluable. In tomorrow’s fast-paced business environment there will be precious little time to correct any misunderstandings. Communications breakdown may well become a fatal corporate disease.

  Ability to learn will be above everything else in importance — empowering people to grow in effectiveness and help their companies achieve desired objectives. Some of this skill is innate, but many people enhance their ability to learn — and to relate different aspects of learning — through college and university courses. We believe the liberal arts education experience will prove to be the most valuable type of education for tomorrow’s leaders.

  The top employees of the coming century will be flexible, creative and motivated toward making a positive difference in the world. They will seek balance, growth and fulfillment in both their work and home environments. The corporation of the future must respond to these needs and desires; otherwise they will find themselves hampered by a lack of qualified people to accomplish the organization’s work. [395 words]



  这篇文章的结构十分清晰,能让读者对文章的框架和内容一目了然。除此之外,文章用词十分灵活。例如,在“Communication skills — careful listening, clear writing, close reading, plain speaking, and accurate description will be invaluable.”这句话中使用的“careful, clear, close, plain and accurate”这五个形容词,既十分恰当地修饰了后面的动名词,又避免了修饰语的单调乏味,使行文更加生动。







  说服能力——将以各种方式在未来公司中发挥作用。工作 最有成效的员工将是那些懂得如何表达信息和思想以便能够得到别人理解与支持的人,出色的游说能力在未来更多的人际交往中将是必不可少的,特别是在公司内部。





  plumbing n. 管道装置,管道工的工作

  vital a.极其重要的

  obsession n.困扰,无法摆脱的思想(或情感)

  definitely ad.明确地,肯定地

  work flow 工作流程

  invaluable a.非常宝贵的,无价的

  breakdown n.破裂,故障

  innate a. 天生的,固有的,天赋的

  hamper vt.妨碍,束缚,限制

  marketing mix 市场营销战略


  ①【注释】obsession with sb/sth 牵挂,着迷(某人);困惑(某事)

  【临摹】His obsession with computers began six months ago.他半年前就迷上计算机了。


  Virtue and a skill are the best portion for children. 德行和一门技能是给孩子最好的遗产。

  God helps those who help themselves. 自助者天助之。

  A Jack of all trades and master of none. 三脚猫无所长。
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