函授学院 correspondence school
附中 middle / high school affiliated to …
政治思想教育 political and ideological education
自学成才 to become educated through independent study
奖学金scholarship; fellowship; financial grant
领取助学金的学生 a grant-aided student
博士生Ph.D candidate  
毕业生分配graduate placement    
成人高考/自学考试      the national higher education exams for self-taught adults
成人教育adult education
充电  update one's knowledge
初等教育 elementary education
大学城   college town
大学社区  college community
大专文凭  associate degree
分数 mark; grade
成绩单 transcript
毕业论文 (大学)paper; (研)thesis; (博)dissertation
实习 internship; field work
毕业典礼 graduation ceremony; commencement
毕业证书 certificate
高等教育 higher education
高等学府 institution of higher education
综合性大学 comprehensive university
文科院校 colleges of (liberal) arts
理工科大学 college / university of science and engineering
师范学院 teachers' college / normal college
工科大学 polytechnic university
农学院 college of agriculture
医学院 medical school
中医院 institute of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
音乐学院music school
美术学院 academy of fine arts
高分低能  high scores and low abilities
高考    (university / college) entrance examination
高校扩招  the college expansion plan
国家普通话水平考试  National Proficiency Test of Putonghua (Mandarin)
函授大学  correspondence university
副教授 associate professor
客座教授 visiting professor; guest professor
讲师 lecturer
助教 assistant
辅导员 assistant for political and ideological work
教研室/组 teaching and research section/group
教学法   pedagogy; teaching method
教育界   education circle
教育投入 input in education
九年义务教育nine-year compulsory education
考研   take the entrance exams for postgraduate schools
课外的 extracurriculum
课外活动 extracurricular activities
课堂讨论 class discussion
必修课 required / compulsory course
选修课 elective / optional course
基础课 basic course
专业课 specialized course
课程表 school schedule
研究小组;讨论会 seminar
教学大纲 teaching program; syllabus
学习年限 period of schooling
学历 record of formal schooling
学年 school/academic year
学期 (school)term; semester
学分 credit
两院院士   academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering
启发式教学  heuristic education
热门话题    hot topic
人才交流    talents exchange
人才战      competition for talented people
商务英语证书  Business English Certificate (BEC)
设计学院    academy of design
体育学院   institute of physical culture
适龄儿童入学率   enrolment rate for children of school age
授予某人学位 to confer a degree on / to sb. /for sth (e.g. thesis)
升学率 proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade
(国家)助学金 (state)stipend/subsidy/ financial aid
硕博联读    a continuous academic project that involves postgraduate and doctoral study
松江大学城    Songjiang College Town
素质教育   quality-oriented education
填鸭式教学   cramming method of teaching
脱产进修  block release
短训班  short-term training course
师生员工  faculty, students and staff
教学人员  the faculty; teaching staff
中、小学校长 headmaster/headmistress; principal
大专院校校长 (美)president; (英)chancellor ; vice-chancellor
教务长, (系)主任 dean
希望工程 Project Hope
小组讨论  group discussions
校训   school motto
校友alumnus(男); alumna(女)pl. alumni; alumnae
学生会 students' union/association
走读生 extern; non-resident student
住宿生 boarder
旁听生 auditor
研究生 graduate student; post-graduate (student)
应届毕业生 graduating student; current year’s graduate
课程 course; curriculum
校园数字化   campus digitalization
校园文化     campus culture
学分   credit points
学汉语热 enthusiasm in learning Chinese
学历教育   education with record of formal schooling
学龄儿童 school-ager
学前教育 preschool education
学生减负     alleviate the burden on students
学时   credit hours
学位证书 degree certificate
学英语热  enthusiasm in learning English
义务教育  compulsory education
应试教育   exam-oriented education
优化教师队伍 optimize the teaching staff
在职博士生    on-job doctorate
在职研究生    on-job postgraduates
招生办公室    admission office
招生就业指导办公室    enrolment and placement office
职业道德 work ethics
职业高中(职高)   vocational high school
职业教育 vocational education
三学期制 the trimester system
定向招生 students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers
示范试点 demonstration pilot project
动员 mobilize
多学科的 multi-disciplinary
重点大学 key university
被授权 be authorized to do
博士后科研流动站 center for post-doctoral studies
国家发明奖 National Invention Prize
国家自然科学奖 National Prize for Natural Sciences
国家科技进步奖 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology
学术报告会,专题讨论会 symposium/ seminar
记者招待会 press conference
国家教委State Education Commission
国家统计局 State Statistical Bureau
国家教育经费 national expenditure on education
财政拨款 financial allocation
职业培训   job training
职业文盲 functional illiterate
专职教师 full-time teacher
智力引进    recruit / introduce (foreign) talents
智商     intelligence quotient (IQ)
中等教育 secondary education
主观能动性    subjective initiative
助学行动    activity to assist the impoverished students
准博士     all but dissertation (ABD)
自费留学    go to study abroad at one's own expense
自费研究生   self-supporting/ self-sponsored graduate student
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