“Agriculture, Countryside and Farmer” issues   三农问题
"bringing in" and "going out" “引进来”和“走出去”政策
"eight do's" and "eight don'ts" “八个坚持、八个反对”
Four Cardinal Principles四项基本原则
Four modernizations 四个现代化(农、工、国防、科技)
"one china, one Taiwan"  “一中一台”
“one country, two systems”  “一国两制”
“south -south cooperation” “南南合作”
"Taiwan independence" “台湾独立”
"two Chinas" “两个中国”
“Three Represents”  “三个代表”
three direct links (mail, air and shipping services and trade)(两岸)直接三通
the eight-point proposal八项主张
the five principles of peaceful coexistence和平共处五项原则
the fourth plenary session四中全会
the ninth five-year plan (1996-2000) “九五”计划
the tenth five-year plan (2001-2005) “十五”计划
the third plenary session of the eleventh central committee十一届三中全会
the three major historical tasks三大历史任务
the three Sino-Us joint communiqués《中美三个联合公报》
three favorables三个有利于
16th party congress 十六大
23 million Taiwan compatriots两千三百万台湾同胞
a well-off standard小康水平
a well-off society小康社会
advance the development of the western region 推进西部大开发
advances with the times与时代发展同步伐
at the proper time and to an appropriate degree适时适度
attempts to split the country各种分裂图谋
blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit  开拓创新
build a well-off society in an all-round way 全面建设小康社会
building a moderately prosperous society in all respects  全面建设小康社会
build a clean and honest government 廉政建设
build a conservation-minded society建设(资源)节约型社会
china's cross-century development我国的跨世纪发展
china's international standing我国的国际地位
china's overall national strength 我国综合国力
citizens' participation in political affairs 公民政治参与
civic duty公民职责
civil rights / civil liberties  公民权利、自由
civil servants公务员
creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity 创造力、凝聚力和战斗力
cross-straits negotiations 两岸谈判
cross-straits relations  两岸关系
crucial historical juncture  重大历史关头
democratic decision-making 民主决策
democratic elections 民主选举
democratic management民主管理
Democratic Progressive Party 民进党
democratic supervision民主监督
Deng Xiaoping theory邓小平理论
deputy to the National People's Congress全国人大代表
extensive and profound博大精深
extravagance and waste铺张浪费
falsification 弄虚作假
family planning计划生育
federations of industry工商联
fetters of subjectivism and metaphysics主观主义和形而上学的桎梏
fight against "Taiwan Independence"反对“台独”
good-neighborly relationship睦邻友好
government functions 政府职能
government institutions政府机构
government intervention 政府干预
government organs 政府机构
(have) a good government and a united people政通人和
historic breakthrough 历史性突破
hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory高举邓小平理论伟大旗帜
honesty 诚实守信
honesty and high efficiency 廉洁高效
Hong Kong And Macao special administrative regions 香港、澳门特别行政区
ideological and moral education思想道德建设
intellectuals 知识分子
intensify functions强化功能
international organizations 国际性组织
international situation 国际形势
iron out differences 化解歧见
keep pace with the times 与时俱进
long-term peace and order  长治久安
long-term social stability and solidarity 长期社会安定团结
Macao  澳门
Mao Zedong thought 毛泽东思想
Marxism Leninism 马克思列宁主义
mass organizations人民团体
masters of the country当家作主
material and cultural needs of the people人民的物质文化需要
material and spiritual civilization  物质文明和精神文明
media and publicity work 宣传舆论工作
moral kingpin  精神支撑
morality, intelligence, physique and art  德智体美
national rejuvenation through science and education 科教兴国
national reunification祖国统一
national spirit民族精神
negotiations on peaceful reunification 和平统一谈判
neighborhood committee  居委会
NPC member 人大代表
our compatriots in Taiwan 台湾同胞
our compatriots in the Hong Kong SAR 香港特别行政区同胞
our compatriots in the Macao SAR 澳门特别行政区同胞
patriots from all walks of life 各界爱国人士
patriotic democratic personages爱国民主人士
patriotic united front爱国统一战线
peace and development和平与发展
peace, justice and progress和平,正义,进步
problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers农业、农村和农民问题
grain distribution system  粮食流通体制
reduce agricultural tax rate  降低农业税税率
reform of rural taxes and administrative charges  农村税费改革
repeal taxes on special agricultural products取消农业特产税
rescind agricultural taxes in five years  五年内取消农业税
to alleviate rural poverty through development  农村扶贫开发
proceed from our national conditions 从我国国情出发
promote all-round social progress促进社会全面进步
realm of ideology意识形态领域
reform and opening-up改革开放
reform, development and stability改革发展稳定
rule (run) the country by law依法治国
rule (run) the country by virtue以德治国
running the party, state and army治党治国治军
survival and development生存和发展
sustainable development可持续发展
system of regional ethnic autonomy 民族区域自治制度
the Chinese people of all ethnic groups全国各族人民
the great cause of national reunification祖国统一大业
the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation中华民族的伟大复兴
the people of all social strata 社会各阶层人们
the provincial and municipal (prefectural) governments省、市(地)两级地方政府
the return of Hong Kong And Macao to the motherland香港和澳门回归祖国
the smooth transition of power平稳过渡
two conferences (NPC and CPPCC)两会(人大,政协)
unified, open, competitive and orderly 统一、开放、竞争、有序
unprecedented difficulties and pressure 空前巨大的困难和压力
vigilance against risks抗风险能力
vitality, creativity and cohesion of a nation民族的生命力、创造力和凝聚力
win -win co-operation强强联手
with a long history behind it源远流长
world outlook世界观
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