Every once in a while the reasons for discouragement about the human prospect pile up so high that it becomes difficult to see the way ahead。and it is then a.great blessing to have one conspicuous and undeniable good thing to think about ourselves,something solid enough to step onto and look beyond the pile.
  language is often useful for this,and music.A particular painting,if you have the right receptors,can lift the spirits and hold them high enough to see a whole future for the race.The sound of laughter in the distance in the dark can be a marvelous encouragement.But these are uncertain stimuli,ready,to work only if you happen to be ready to receive them,which takes a bit of luck.
  I have been reading magazine stories about the technology of lie detection lately,and it occurs to me that this may be the thing I've been looking for,an encouragement supported by genuine,hard scientific data.It is promising enough that I’ve decided to take as given what the articles say.uncritically,and to look no further.
  As I understand it,a human being cannot tell a lie,even a small one.without setting off a kind of smoke alarm Somewhere deep in a dark recess of the brain,resulting in the sudden discharge 9f nerve impulses,or the sudden outpouring of neurohormones(神经激素)of some sort,or both.The outcome,recorded by the lie—detector device is similar to the responses to various kinds of stress.
  Lying,then is stressful,even when we do it for protection,or relief,or escape,or profit,or just for the pure pleasure of lying and getting away with it.It is a strain.distressing enough to cause the emission of signals to and from the central nervous system warning that something has gone wron9.It is,in a pure physiological sense,an unnatural act.
  Now I regard this as a piece of extraordinarily good news,meaning,that we are compelled to be a moral species at least in the limited sense that we are biologically designed to be truthful to each other.
  It seems a petty thing to have this information,but perhaps it tells us to look again,and look deeper.We are indeed a social species,more dependent on each other than the celebrated social insects,we can no more live a solitary life than can a bee,we ale obliged,as a species。to rely on each other—Trust is a fundamental requirement for our kind of existence,and without it all our linkages would begin to snap loose.It is enough,quite enough,to know that we cannot even tell a plain untruth,and betray a trust,without scaring some part of our own brains.
  62.In the first paragraph.the author implies that
  [A]we are convinced that men are born evil
  human beings are surrounded by piles of rubbish
  [C]there are a lot of obstacles on the way ahead of human beings
  [D]man’s future is seen to be encouraging from his good nature
  63.According to the second paragraph,which of the following statements is true?
  [A] Language is as useful as music.
  Painting is the best of all in lifting one’s spirits.
  [C]To see human’s bright side is a game of chance,
  [D]Not everyone is given the chance of a good future.
  64. Which of the following is true ac6ording to the passage?
  [ A] Physiological changes will for sure betray a liar.
  [ B] The bigger a lie is, the stronger the strain will be.
  [C ] The degree of the strain depends on the purpose of lying.
  [ D] A well-trained person can tell lies without being detected.
  65. The information given by the lie detector, according to the author, is
  [ A] trivial
  [ B ] essential
  [ C ] surprising
  [ D] unreliable
  66. The message the author transmits to us by the lie detector is that
  [ A] it is vital for us to be truthful to each other
  [B ] lying will be checked by more advanced lie detectors
  [ C] a lie detector can make a good record of nerve impulses
  [ D] a liar benefits himself from lying, but only at the cost of others【答案见下页】
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