1. important =crucial (extremely important),significant(amount or effect large enough to be important)
  2.common=universal, ubiquitous(if something is ubiquitous, it seems to be everywhere)
  3.abundant=ample(enough and usually extra), plentiful(enough for people's needs and wants)
  4.stick=adhere, cling(hold on something tightly)
  5.neglect=ignore.(difference: neglect means someone has not paid enough attention to something; ignore means no attention.)
  6.near=adjacent(twothings next to each other), adjoin(the same as adjacent)
  7.pursue=woo(man woos woman, old-fashioned), seek(if you seek sth, you try to obtain it. FORMAL)
  8.accurate=precise(precise is exact and accurate in all details), exact(correct in every detail)
  9.vague=obscure(unknown or known by only a few people)
  10.top=peak, summit
  11.competitor=rival, opponent(especially in sports and politics)
  12.blame=condemn(if you condemn something, you say it is very bad and unacceptable)
  13.opinon=perspective, standpoint(means looking at an event or situation in a particular way)
  14.fame=prestige(describe those who are admired), reputation
  15.build=erect(you can erect something as buildings, FORMAL), establish
  16.insult=humiliate(do something or say something which makes
  people feel ashamed or stupid)
  17.complain=grumble (complain something in a bad-tempered way)
  18.primary=radical (very important and great in degree), fundamental
  19.relieve=alleviate (alleviate means you make pain or sufferings less intense or severe)
  20.force=coerces into(coerce means you make someone do something s/he does not want to),compel
  21.enlarge=magnify(magnify means make something larger than it
  really is)
  22.complex=intricate(if something is intricate, it often has many small parts and details)
  23. Lonely=solitary (if someone is solitary, there is no one near him/her
  24.small=minuscule(very small), minute,
  25.praise=extol(stronger than praise), compliment(polite and political)
  26.hard-working=assiduous(someone who is assiduous works hard or does things very thoroughly
  27.difficult=arduous (if something is arduous, it is difficult and tiring, and involves a lot of efforts)
  28.poor(soil)=barren, infertile(used to describe the soil is so poor that plants cannot be planted on it)
  29.fragile=brittle, vulnerable(someone who is vulnerable is easily hurt emotionally or physically)
  30.show=demonstrate (to demonstrate a fact means tp make it clear to people.)
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