Short Answer Questions

  (15 minutes)

  Directions: In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.

  Joe Templer should have known better: after all, he works for a large auto-insurance company. It won't hurt to leave the key in the truck this once, he thought, as he filled his gas tank at a self-service gas station. But moments later, as he was paying the money, he saw the truck being driven away.

  In 1987, 1.6 million motor vehicles were stolen in the United States — one every 20 seconds. If current trends continue, experts predict annual vehicle thefts could exceed two million by the end of the decade.

  Vehicle theft is a common phenomenon, which has a direct impact on over four million victims a year. The cost is astonishing.

  Many police officials blame professional thieves for the high volume of thefts. It is a major money-maker for organized crime. Typically, stolen cars are taken to pieces and the parts sold to individuals. But as many as 200,00 cars are smuggled out of the country every year. Most go to Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

  Only about 15 percent car thefts result in arrest, because few police departments routinely conduct in-depth auto-investigations. When thieves are arrested, judges will often sentence them to probation (缓刑), not immediately put them in prison because the prisons are overcrowded with violent criminals.

  One exception is a Michigan program that assigns 92 police officers to work full-time on the state's 65,000 car theft cases a year. Since 1986, when the effort began, the state's auto-theft rate has fallen from second in the nation to ninth.

  How can you protect your car? If you live in a high-theft area or drive an expensive model, consider a security system. It may cost anywhere from $25 to $1,000.Some systems engage automatically — simply removing the key disables the fuel pump and the starter. When cars are equipped with such systems, thefts may drop by one-third. In some states, you may be able to use a device that transmits radio signals, allowing stolen cars to be tracked by police.


  (71) What is the passage mainly about?

  (72) What does the author think Joe Templer should be blamed for?

  (73) How serious did the author predict the annual vehicle theft could be in the United States in 1989?

  (74) What are the two ways thieves sell the stolen cars?

  (75) What type of security system can help the police track down a stolen car?

  Key to Short Answer Questions:

  (71) Car theft in the U.S.

  (72) His carelessness./Leaving his key in the truck. 

  (73) More than 2 million cars would be stolen.

  (74) Selling their parts at home or smuggling them abroad.

  (75) A device that transmits radio signals.

 以下对每个问题列举六个回答以供分析(回答均来自考生原作,未做改动)。 

  (71) A. Vehicle theft.

  B. About the car stolen problem in United States.

  C. The passage says about the high vehicle theft in American.

  D. The passage mainly talk about Auto-theft in the U.S.

  E. The annual vehicle thefts is serious in the U.S.

  F. thefts./A social problem of the United States. 

  该题是对文章的主旨提问。本文先记述了一位汽车保险公司的职员,由于粗心大意将车钥匙留在车上,而几分钟后等他加完油,却发现他的汽车已被人开跑了。由文章可以看出,在美国汽车盗窃率极高,已成为普遍现象;随之,文章又交待了盗贼销赃的两种方式:卖零件或将整车走私出境,以及警方在反盗窃方面采取的措施。可观,本文的主旨是讲美国的汽车盗窃。答案A答出全部内容且语言正确,得2分。答案B答出全部内容但存在错用过去分词及漏用定冠词等语法错误,应改为 About the car stealing problem in the United States. 因此该答案扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案C答出全部内容,但主要存在动词词组使用不当,错将tells about 写成 says about; 词语搭配不当,“汽车盗窃率高”应译为 the high rate of vehicle theft; 此外还有拼写错误,错把America 拼写成 American(美国的)。该句应改为:The passage tells about the high rate of vehicle theft in America/the U.S.,依据每题语言错误最多不超 过0.5分的原则,该题答案扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案D答出全部内容,但错在主谓不一致,应改为:The passage mainly talks about Auto-theft in the U.S.,该答案因语言有误扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案E有两处错误,一处有多余信息annual, 扣0.5分,二是主谓不一致,扣0.5分,得1分。该句应改变:The vehicle thefts are serious in the U.S.答案F因内容笼统,得0分。

  (72) A. Leaving his key in the truck.

  B. He should have taken his key with him.

  C. He leaves the key in the truck this once.

  D. He should have not left his key in the truck.

  E. He forgot his key in the car and he didn't buy a security system.

  F. Himself. 

  该题是对文章作者的观点“乔为什么应该受责备”的提问。本文第一段已作了交待:乔在一家汽车保险公司任职,本来会更清楚地了解这些(指在美国有许多汽车被盗),但这次他认为时间很短,把钥匙放在车子上不会出问题的。可见正确答案应该是“他的粗心大意或由于他把钥匙掉在了车上。”答案A和B回答出全部内容且语言正确,得2分。答案C回答出全部内容,但时态有误,应改为:He left the key in the truck this once. 扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案D回答出全部内容,但否定词位置不对,应改为:He should not have left his key in the truck. 扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案E答出全部内容,但也涉及了无关内容“he didn't buy a security system”,扣0.5分;且语言在搭配上不当,“将他的钥匙留在车里”应译为“left his key in the car”而不是用“forgot”,扣0.5分,得1分。答案F过于笼统,未对所提问题作出正确回答,得0分。

  (73) A. The vehicle thefts could exceed two million.

  B. If current trends continue, experts predict annual vehicle thefts could exceed two million by the end of the decade.

  C. Vehicle thefts could exceeded two million to 3.6 million in the United States in 1989. 

  D. 3.6 million motor vehicle would be stolen.

  E. 2 million vehicle theft.

  F. The annual vehicle thefts could be more and more. 

  该题是针对作者对1989年盗车状况的严重程度进行预测的提问。在本文第二段最后一句已做了明确说明,即在1989年底会超过200万。答案A答出全部内容且语言正确,得2分。答案B答出全部内容且语言正确,但由于是照抄原文,扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案C答出了全部内容,但也有无关内容:3.6 million, 扣0.5分,此外还有语言错误,如在情态动词后误用动词ed形式,扣0.5分,该答案得1分。答案D未答对内容,3.6 million 是由于考生未理解原文所致,因此得0分。答案E看似正确,但未答出准确的内容,应为“超过200万”,因此也得0分。答案F过于笼统,得0分。

  (74) A. Disassemble them and sell the parts, or smuggle them abroad.

  B. One is taking the stolen cars to pieces and selling it to individuals. Another is smuggling out of the country. 

  C. They took them to pieces and sold them to individuals.

  D. One is taking cars to pieces and solding the parts t individuals, the other is sending to foreign countries to sell. 

  E. Taking the cars to pieces and smuggling to other countries are two ways.

  F. They take cars to pieces or sell to individuals. 

  该题是对具体细节“汽车盗贼对赃车的两个处理办法”的提问。该题答案已在本文第四段第三句和第四句中给出,即一个方法是将偷来的车拆散,把拆下来的零部件卖给个人,另一个方法是将整车走私到国外。答案A答出全部内容且语言正确,得2分。答案B答出全部内容,但语言有误,如代词it指代错误,应改为them, another 应改为 the other, 此外在 smuggling 后漏用代词 them。因此要扣0.5分,另超过10个单词,扣0.5分,得1分。答案C只答出部分内容,而没有答出走私这一方法,只能得1分。答案D只答出部分内容,而sending to foreign countries to sell 并不等于 smuggling, 因此扣1分,在答对的部分中,还存在误用动词 solding 的错误,应改为 selling, 扣0.5分,因此该答案得0.5分。答案E也只答出“走私”这一方面内容,且存在语言错误,如漏用定冠词,应改为the two ways等,因此该答案得0.5分。答案F未答对问题,得0分。

  (75) A. Radio transmitting devices.

  B. The security system can transmit radio signals.

  C. a device that transmit radio signals.

  D. Automatical system which can simply remove the key disables the fuel pump and the starter or a device that transmit radio signals. 

  E. A transmits radio signals.

  F. A security system. 

  该题是对文章具体细节的提问,即“哪一种安全系统能帮助警察追踪被盗车辆”。答案是一种能发出无线电信号的装置。而在本文的最后一段,还指出了其它一些安全系统,如拔出钥匙使燃料泵和发动机不能工作等。但这些方法都不能使警察追踪被盗的车辆。答案A答出全部内容且语言正确,得2分。答案B答出全部内容,但存在因漏用从属连词 which/that 而使句子结构不完整的错误,扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案C答出全部内容,全存在主谓不一致的错误,应改为 A device that transmits radio signals, 扣0.5分,得1.5分。答案D答出全部内容,但也答了无关内容 Automatical system which can simply remove the key disables the fuel pump and the starter, 扣0.5分;但在答出的部分中,存在主谓不一致的错误,扣0.5分,应将 transmit 改为transmits,因此该答案得1分。答案E表现了考生对文章不理解,因此未能答对问题,得0分。答案F未答出具体内容,得0分。
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