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  THIS is the season when trees sparkle and carols play non-stop in shopping malls. It is also the season for laughing out loud in the nation's multiplexes.
  Welcome to the winter holiday of movie-going, also known as the biggest season for China's film industry.
  This year's crop of so-called "New Year greetings pictures" (hesui pian) amount to two or three dozen. These movies will be competing for cinemagoers' attention and what's left of "the red envelopes" from the joyous occasion of ringing out the old and ringing in the new.
  Yet, not every picture is made equal. Although most filmmakers have picked comedy as the default genre, the end result is quite uneven, ranging from the hilarious to the haphazard.

  Desires of the Heart 《桃花运》
  It is an urban comedy. It starts quite well, with several groups of characters. But pretty soon, you notice the setup is mostly contrived and what's worse, the threads are structurally unrelated. Some of the gags are so unbelievable that the audience's groans are funnier than what happens on the screen.

  All About Women 《女人不坏》
  The film directed by Tsui Hark's (Xu Ke) fares much better. It is similar to the above picture, but the Hong Kong master juggles comedic material like a true pro.
  The movie has a contemporary feel, with the city of Beijing as a cosmopolitan setting for three women whose love-life problems form the dramatic arc of the story.
  Unfortunately, once the romance kicks in, the comedy suffers a slowdown. By the last half hour, the tempo has become so ponderous and jokes so scarce that one wonders what happened during production. Did Tsui run out of inspiration half way through? Or did he cram all the funny bits into the first half?

  Ip Man 《叶问》
  By and large, Hong Kong filmmakers have a better sense of humor when it comes to screen comedy. They have a long tradition of making people laugh. That's why Ip Man (Ye Wen), a supposed biopic of Bruce Lee's teacher, will not bore you to death. Although the kicks and moves are so predictable and the movie looks like a kungfu flick played 1,000 times, it's saved by a few good jokes.

  If You Are the One 《非诚勿扰》
  The mainland's Feng Xiaogang is credited with starting the holiday movie season, and this year he has a very expansive romantic comedy titled If You Are the One (Feicheng Wurao). It's about a middle-aged man, played by Ge You as usual, looking for the ideal spouse. Between product placements and tourism infomercials, he has produced some high-quality lines and fine acting. But does a year-end comedy really need to last as long as the more pretentious Forever Enthralled (Mei Lanfang)?
  The season's best comedy will come out in mid-January. Crazy Stone (Fengkuang de Shitou) director Ning Hao's Crazy Racer (Fengkuang de Saiche) is so uproarious that you should avoid it if you're averse to laughter.
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