Part III

Section A

11. A)He is quiteeasy to recognize

  B)he is an outstanding speaker

  C)he looks like a movie star

  D)he looks young for his age

12. A)consult her dancing teacher

  B)take a more interesting class

   C)continue her dancing class

  D)improve her dancing skills

13. A)the man did not believe what thewoman said

  B)the man accompanied the woman to the hospital

  C)the woman may be suffering from repetitive strain injury

   D)the woman may notfollowed the doctor’s instructions

14. A)they are not in style any more

  B)they have cost him far too much

   C)they no longer suit his eyesight

  D)they should be cleaned regularly

15. A)he spilled his drink onto the floor

  B)he has just finished wiping the floor

  C)he was caught in a shower on his way home

   D)he rushed out of the bath to answer the phone

16. A)fixing some furniture

  B)repairing the toy train

  C)reading the instructions

   D)assembling the bookcase

17. A)urge Jenny tospend more time on study

  B)help Jenny to prepare for the coming exams

  C)act towards Jenny in a more sensible way

  D)send Jenny to a volleyball training center

18. A)The building of the dam needs a largebudget

  B)the proposed site is near the residential area

   C)the local people fel insecure about the dam

  D)the dam poses a threat to the local environment

Question19 to21 are based on theconversation you have just heard

19 A. It saw the end of its booming years worldwide

B. Its production andsales reached record levels.

  C.It became popular in some foreign countries

D. Its domestic market started to shrinkrapidly.

20. A. They costless.           C. They were infashion.

   B.They tasted better.        D. They werewidely advertised.

21. A. It is sure to fluctuate .      C. It will remain basically stable.

   B. It is bound to revive.       D. It will see no more monopoly

22. A. Organisingprotests        C. Acting as its spokesman.

   B.Recruiting members       D. Savingendangered animals.

23. A. Anti-animal-abusedemonstrations   B. Anti-nuclearcampaigns

  C. Surveying the Atlantic Ocean floor   D. Removing industrial waste.

24. A. By harassingthem.     C. By taking legalaction.

   B.By appealing to the public   D. Byresorting to force.

25. A. Doubtful     C. Indifferent .

   B.Reserved     D.Supportive  

26. A, The air becomes still.       C. The clouds block the sun.

   B. The air pressure is low.      D. The sky appears brighter.

27. A. Ancient people were better at foretellingthe weather.

  B.Sailors’saying about the weather are unreliable.

  C.People knew long ago how to predict the weather.

D. It was easiter toforecast the weather in the old days.

28 A. Weather forecast is getting more accurate today.

  B. People can predict the weather by their senses

C.Who are the real esperts in weather forecast .

  D.Weather changes affect people’s life remarkably

29. A. They often feel insecure about theirjobs.

   B.They are unable to decide what to do first .

   C.They are feel burdened with numerous tasks every day.

   D they feel burdenedwith numerous tasks every day

30 A. Analyze them rationally.    C. Turn to others for help.

B. Draw a detailedto-do list .    D. Handle them oneby one .

31. A. They haveaccomplished little .   C. Theyhave worked out a way to relax.

   B.They feel utterly exhausted .     D. Theyno longer feel any sense of guilt.

32. A. Theirperformance may improve.

   B.Their immune system may be reinforced

   C.Their blood pressure may rise all of a sudden.

   D.Their physical development may be enhanced.

33. A. Improved mental functioning        C. Speeding up of blood circulation

   B. Increased susceptibility to disease     D. Reduction of stress-related hormones

34. A. Pretend to be in better shape.        C. Turn more often to friends for help

   B.Have more physical exercise .       D. Pay more attentionto bodily sensations.

35. A. Different approaches to coping withstress.

   B.Various causes for serious health problems.

   C. The relationshipbetween stress and illness.

   D.New finding of medical research on stress.

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