Mobile office is the mutual product of economic,scientific,and social progress.Mobile office has become a solution that provides users with convenient,prompt,safe,reliable,and reasonably priced communications and office faculty anywhere anytime via the sup port of mobile interconnection platform(MIP)and its applications systems.
  When you leave your office to attend meetings or travel on business,what would happen to your business routine?Of course,faxes and e-mails would be still sent to your fax machine or e-mail box,but you cannot read them and make prompt reaction timely.When your clients need you to make some urgent modifications on your work and you are neither in the office nor carrying relevant documents,what can you do?Maybe you have to say“sorry”to the clients.But,your business will be affected,the clients will be unhappy and disappointed because of your delay,and you will lose a lot of business opportunities.
  In fact,very frequently,you need to check,reply,distribute,display,modify,or read some materials when you are not in your office.You must get out of this dilemma.The best solution to normally handle your business anywhere anytime and not to disappoint your clients is to let your office“move”with you.Thus,you can have convenient,prompt,safe,reliable,and reasonably priced communications and office faculty anywhere anytime.With the development of communications technology,network application,and wireless interconnection,mobile office has become simpler and smaller,and even can be realized via one mobile phone with data communications function.Thus,mobile office has already been put into your pocket,and office mobility has been
  Mobile office has provided people with convenient,casual working environment,but at the same time it still has some unsatisfactory aspects such as mismatching equipment interface(接口,界面) and inadequate battery. Nevertheless,we believe that with technical progress,people can certainly overcome all kinds of difficulties.Mobile office will make your career unimpeded,and will realize the dream of completely free communication.Users will enjoy more colorful life and better working environment,and users’ living standard,working efficiency,and even enterprises’ production efficiency will certainly be immensely raised.
  Questions 1 to 5 are based on the passage above.
  1.It can be inferred from the passage that_____. office is the only way by which people could enjoy prompt and safe working environment
  B.with the development of science,mobile office comes to our life inevitably
  C.people had no convenient and reliable communications and office faculty before interconnection platform and its application systems is the core of mobile office
  2.We learn from the passage that without mobile office,_____. cannot put your business routine aside or attend meetings cannot read faxes and e-mails when you travel on business cannot make apologies to the clients for your delay cannot catch any business opportunities because of bad working condition
  3.The passage suggests that mobile office is neccessary,especially when_____. need to make some urgent modification on your work need to read and reply faxes and e-mails are out of the office to attend meetings can put the mobile office into your pocket
  4.Which of the following statement best expresses the main idea of the second paragraph?
  A.When you leave your office,you should not forget your business routine.
  B.You will lose a lot of business opportunities if you always delay your work.
  C.When you leave your office,your business routine would be harmed.
  D.When you cannot meet the need of your clients,you should say"sorry".
  5.In the eyes of the author,mobile office_____.
  A.has some fatal shortcomings too expensive to afford
  C.would be realized in the future
  D.has both advantages and disadvantages【答案见下页】

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