In recent years, teachers of introductory courses in Asian American studies have been facing a dilemma nonexistent a few decades ago, when hardly any texts in that field were available. Today, excellent anthologies(文选)and other introductory texts exist, and books on individual Asian Americans are published almost weekly. Even professors who are experts in the field find it difficult to decide which of these to assign to students; non-experts who teach in related areas and are looking for writings for and by Asian American to include in survey courses are in an even worse position.
  A complicating factor has been the continuing lack of specialized one-volume reference works on Asian Americans, such as biographical dictionaries or desktop encyclopedias. Such works would enable students taking Asian American studies courses (and professors in related fields) to look up basic information on Asian American individuals, institutions, history, and culture without having to wade through(费力的阅读冗长或艰深的材料)mountains of primary source material. In addition, given such works. Asian American studies professors might feel more free to include more challenging Asian American material in their introductory reading lists, since good reference works allow students to acquire on their own the background information necessary to interpret difficult or unfamiliar material. (212 words)
  1. The author is primarily concerned with ______.
  A. responding to a criticism
  B. describing a course of study
  C. discussing a problem
  D. evaluating a past course of action
  2. The “dilemma”(Line 2, Para.1) can best be characterized as being caused by the necessity to make a choice when faced with a ______.
  A. lack of acceptable alternatives
  B. lack of strict standards for evaluating alternatives
  C. preponderance of bad alternatives as compared to good
  D. multitude of different alternatives
  3. Biographical dictionaries and desktop encyclopedias are _____
  A. primary source materials
  B. introductory texts
  C. excellent anthologies
  D. reference materials
  4. Which of the following is implied about the introductory courses in Asian American studies a few decades ago?
  A. The range of different textbooks that could be assigned for such courses was extremely limited
  B. The texts assigned as readings in such courses were often not very challenging for students
  C. Students often complained about the texts assigned to them in such courses
  D. Such courses were offered only at schools whose libraries were rich in primary sources
  5. According to the passage, the existence of good one-volume reference works about Asian Americans could result in ______.
  A. increased agreement among professors of Asian American studies regarding the quality of the sources available in their field
  B. an increase in the number of students sighing up for introductory courses in Asian American studies
  C. increased accuracy in writings that concern Asian American history and culture
  D. the inclusion of a wider range of Asian American material in introductory reading lists in Asian American studies

  1. C 主旨题。根据本文作者的论述和阐明的主题思想。
  2. D 细节理解题。根据第一段最后两句。
  3. D 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句。
  4. A 推论题。根据第一段内容。
  5. D 推论题。根据最后一段的一个主题的两个层次。
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