The moden world only recently reached the Yanomano, a native people of the Amazon basin. Sheltered by thick rainforest,the Yanomano lived a self-contained existence until gold was discovered in their jungle homeland. Miners flocked into the forests, cutting down trees and bringing disease and shot those Yanomano who would not get out of the way. In just seven years from the early 1980s, the population fell 20 per cent.  
  Hands Around the World, a native American cultural association, says the Yanomano are believed to be the most culturally intact people in the world. They wear loin cloths, use fire sticks and decorate their bodies with dye from a red berry(桨果). They don’t use the wheel and the only metal they use is what has been traded to them by outsiders. When a Yanomano dies, the body is burned and the remaining bones crushed into a powder and turned into a drink that is later consumed by mourners in memory of the dead.  
  A Hands Around the World report says that in South America not only are the cultures and traditions in danger of disappearing, but some tribes are in danger of extinction. “The Yanomano is a well-known tribe that is rapidly losing its members through the destruction of Western disease,” the report says. Before illegal gold miners entered their rainforest, the Yanomano were isolated from modern sociaty.  
  They occupy dense jungle north of the Amazon River between Venezuela and Brazil and are catalogued by anthropologists(人类学家) as neo-indians with cultural characteristics that date back more than 8,000 years. Each community lives in a circular communal house, some of which sleep up to 400, built around a central square.  
  Though many Yanomano men are monogamous, it is not unusual for them to have two or more wives. Anthropologists from the University of Wisconsin say polygamy is a way to increase one’s wealth because having a large family increases help with hunting and cultivating the land. These marriages result in a shortage of women for other men to marry, which has led to inter-tribal wars.  
  Each Yanomano man is responsible for clearing his land for gardening, using slash-and-hum farming methods. They grow plantains, a type of banana eaten cooked, and hunt game animals, fish and anaconda(南美热带蟒蛇) using bows and arrows. (396 words)

  1. Miners flocked into the forest and shot those Yanomano who _______.
  A. sheltered in thick rainforest
  B. would not leave their jungle homeland
  C. lived a self-contained existence
  D. would stand in their way
  2. The organization called Hands Around the World believes that culturally, the Yanomano is the world’s__________.
  A. most primitive people
  B. most backward people
  C. most advanced people
  D. oldest people
  3. Which of the following is NOT true according to an American cultural association report?
  A. In South America, the cultures are on the verge of extinction.
  B. In South America, the traditions are on the verge of extinction.
  C. In South America, the Yanomano can survive extinction.
  D. In South America, some tribes are on the verge of extinction.
  4. _________caused the Yanomano to have inter-tribal wars.
  A. The shortage of women resulting from polygamy
  B. The difference in wealth resulting from polygamy
  C. The shortage of women resulting from monogamy
  D. The difference in wealth resulting from monogamy
  5. We can infer from the passage that it is imperative for us to protect the Yanomano because__________.
  A. it is a clturally most intact people
  B. it is a primitive people deep in jungle
  C. it is a native people of the Amazon basin
  D. it is primitive people in danger of disappearing

    1. D 细节理解题。第一希第三句中的“who would not get out of the way”即“who would stand in the way”。
  2. A 细节理解题。根据第二段第一句中的“…be the most culturally intact people in the world”得出。
  3. C 细节考试.大理解题。根据第三段第二句陈述可得出此结论。
  4. C细节理解题。根据第五段最后一句陈述可得出此结论。
  5. D 推论题。纵观全文可推出此结论。
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