The orange towers of the Golden Gate Bridge--probably the most beautiful,certainly the most photographed bridge in the world--are visible from almost every point of elevation in San Francisco. The only crack in Northern California's 600-mile continental wall,for years this mile-wide strait was considered unbridgeable. As much an architectural as an engineering feat, the Golden Gate took only 52 months to design and build, and was opened in 1937. Designed by Joseph Strauss, it was the first really massive suspension bridge,with a span of 4,200ft, and until 1959 ranked as the world's longest. It connects the city at its northwesterly point on the peninsula to Marin County and Northern California, rendering the hitherto essential ferry crossing redundant, and was designed to withstand winds of up to a hundred miles an hour and to swing as much as 27 ft. Handsome on a clear day, the bridge takes on an eerie(神秘的) quality when the thick white fogs pour in and hide it almost completely.
  You can either drive or walk across. The drive is the more thrilling of the two options as you race under the bridge's towers, but the half-hour walk across it really gives you time to take in its enormous size and absorb the views of the city behind you and the headlands of Northern California straight ahead. Pause at the midway point and consider the seven or so suicides a month who choose this spot,260 ft up, as their jumping-off spot. Monitors of such events speculate that victims always face the city before they leap.In 1995, when the suicide toll from the bridge had reached almost 1,000,police kept the figures quiet to avoid a rush of would-be suicides going for the dubious distinction of being the thousandth person to leap.
  Perhaps the best loved symbol of San Francisco, in 1987 the Golden Gate proved an auspicious place(风水宝地) for a sunrise party when crowds gathered to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Some quarter of a million people turned up (a third of the city's entire population); the winds were strong and huge numbers caused the bridge to buckle(使弯曲), but fortunately not to break.
  (375 words)

  1. What is TURE of the Golden Gate Bridge?
  A. It is certainly the world's most beautiful bridge.
  B. It is far from San Francisco.
  C. It is a feat neither architecturally nor engineeringly before 1960.
  D.It was the world longest bridge.
  2. What do you know further about the Golden Gate Bridge?
  A. It is over a strait where no bridge could have been built before the 1930s.
  B. It is the first massive bridge designed by Joseph Strauss.
  C. It appears while in the thick white fogs.
  D. It connects Marin Country with Northern California.
  3. Of the two exercises, the drive over the bridge is more _________.
  A. interesting B. fascinating
  C. inviting D. exciting
  4. Those who attempt to suicide often jump from the midway point of the bridge probably because_________.
  A. they want to die quietly
  B. they want to die quickly
  C. they want to take a glance at the bridge's towers
  D. they want to take a glance at San Francisco
  5. What would be the best title for the text?
  A. The World's Most Beautiful Bridge
  B. The World's Most Photographed Bridge
  C. The World's First Suspension Bridge
  D.The Golden Gate Bridge


  1. D 细节理解题。根据第一段第四句后半句“…and until 1959 ranked as the world's longest”得出此结论。
  2. A 细节理解题。根据第一段第二句后半句“…for years this mile-wide…”得出此结论。
  3. D 猜测词义题。根据第二段第二句前半句“The drive is the more thrilling…”得出此结论。
  4. D 细节理解兼推论题。根据第二段倒数第二句“Monitors of such events …”得出此结论。
  5. D 综合理解题。细读原文可发现,A,B,C三项均不完全符合原文中的说法。
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