Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of no less than 150 words on the topic “Whether College Students Should Be Allowed to Get Married” and you’re your article on the following outline.

  1. Choose either of the two positions: College students should (not) be allowed to get married.

  2. State your reasons for or against the issue

  3. Conclusion


  Should College Students Be Allowed to Get Married?

  There is no denying the fact that it is a hotly debated topic today whether college students should be allowed to get married. Some time ago, the ban was lifted by some universities on students getting married. To this people’s attitudes differ sharply. Some hold the positive view. They say that most college students are adults and that it is a basic right for those who have reached the appropriate ages to get married. Besides, they argue that with their biological and emotional needs met, these students will study better. The ban on this means a severe violation of human rights.

  Many others, however, hold the negative opposite view. They claim that the university or college is a place to study instead of a community to lead family life. Allowing college students to get married would adversely affect their study. For instance, they would spend too much time attending their family and love, unable to concentrate on their school work.

  As far as I am concerned, Weighing the arguments of both sides, I believe that it is OK to allow college students to get married. Anyway, this is their freedom. Actually, we don’t have to worry too much because facts have shown that most college students would choose not to get married in the face of such fierce competition and heavy school work.

  (或 As far as I am concerned, Weighing the arguments of both sides, I believe that college students should not be allowed to get married. Though mostly adults, they are actually immature psychologically. Their wishes to get married are, more often than not, impulses. Besides, as students, they are not ready to support a family financially.
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