Part V             Cloze

Directions: there are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A),B),C), and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


Seven years ago, when I was visiting Germany, I Met with an official who explained to me that the country had a perfect solution to its economic problems. Watching the U.S. economy ___62___ during the ‘90s, the Germans had decided that they, too, needed to go the high-technology ___63___. But how? In the late ‘90s, the answer schemed obvious. Indians. ___64___ all, Indian entrepreneurs accounted for one of every three Silicon Valley start-ups. So the German government decided that it would ___65___ Indians to Term any just as America does by ___66___ green cards. Officials created something called the German Green Card and ___67___ that they would issue 20,000 in the first year. ___68___, the Germans expected that tens of thousands more Indians would soon be begging to come, and perhaps the ___69___ would have to be increased. But the program was a failure. A year later ___70___ half of the 20,000 cards had been issued. After a few extensions, the program was ___71___.


       I told the German official at the time that I was sure the ___72___ would fail. It’s not that I had any particular expertise in immigration policy, ___73___ I understood something about green cards, because I had one (the American ___74___). The German Green



62.   A) soar                        C) amplify


       B) hover                       D) intensify


63.   A) circuit                      C) trait


       B) strategy                    D) route


64.   A) Of                          C) In


       B) After                        D) At


65.   A) import                            C) convey


       B) kidnap                      D) lure


66.   A) offering                  C) evacuating


       B) installing                   D) formulating


67.   A) conferred                 C) announced


       B) inferred                    D) verified


68.   A) Specially                  C) Particularly


       B) Naturally                D) Consistently


69.   A) quotas                           C) measures


       B) digits                       D) scales


70.   A) invariably                 C) barely


       B) literally                     D) solely


71.   A) repelled                    C) combated


       B) deleted                     D) abolished


72.   A) adventure                 C) initiative


       B) response                  D) impulse


73.   A) and                          C) so


       B) but                          D) or


74.   A) heritage                    C) notion


       B) revision                    D) version



Card was mismand,I argued,__75__it never,under      75A)because     C)if

any circumtances,translated into German               B)unless       D)while

citizenship.The card,by contrast,is an

almost__76__path to becoming American (after        76A)aggressive    C)vulnerable

                                                B)automatic     D)voluntary

five years and a clean record).The official__77__my     77A)overtook     C)submitted

objection,saying that there was no way Germany           B)fascinated   D)dismissed

was going to offer these peoplecitizenship.”we need

young tach workers,”he said.”that’s what this pro-

gram is all __78__.”so Germany was asking bright       78A)towards     C)about

                                                  B)round       D)over

young__79__to leavetheir country,culture and           79A)dwellers     C)professionals

families,move thousands of miles away,learn a new         B)citizens      D)amateurs

language and work in a strange land—but without

any__80__of ever being part of their new              80A)prospect       C)outcome

home.Germany was senging a  signal, one that           B)suspicion       D)destination

was ___81___ received in India and other countries,      81A)partially       C)brightly

and also by Germany’s own immigrant community.         B)clearly         D)vividly

Part VI    Translation

Directions: Complete the sentences by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets.

              Please write your translation on Answer Sheet 2


82.   We can say a lot of things about those who have spent their whole lives on poems (毕生致力于诗歌的人): they are passionate, impulsive, and unique.

83.   Mary couldn’t have received my letter, or she should have replied to me last week (否则她上周就该回信了).

84.   Nancy is supposed to have finished her chemistry experiments (做完化学实验) at least two weeks ago.

85.   Never once has the old couple quarreled with each other (老两口互相争吵) since they were married 40 years ago.

86.   The prosperity of a nation is largely dependent upon (一个国家未来的繁荣在很大程度上有赖于) the quality of education of its people

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