Part V   Cloze                                           (15 minutes)

Directions:  There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

      Today the world's economy is going through two great changes, both bigger than an Asian financial crisis here or a European monetary union there.  The first change is that a lot of industrial_62_is moving from the United States, Western Europe and Japan to _63 _countries in Latin America, South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. In 1950, the United States alone _64_ for more than half of the world's economy output. In 1990, its _65_ was down to a quarter. By 1990, 40% of IBM's employees were non-Americans; Whirlpool, America's leading _66_ of domestic appliances, cut its American labor force _67_ 10%. Quite soon now, many big western companies will have more _68_ (and customers) in poor countries than in rich _69_ .   The second great change is _70_ , in the rich countries of the OECD, the balance of economic activity  is  _71_  from  manufacturing  to _72_ .  In  the  United States and Britain, the_73_  of  workers  in  manufacturing  has _74_ since 1900 from around 40% to barely half that. _75_ in Germany and Japan, which rebuilt so many _76_ after 1945, manufacturing's share of jobs is now below 30%. The effect of the _77_ is increased _78_ manufacturing moves from rich countries to the developing ones, _79_ cheap labor _80_ them a sharp advantage in many of the _81_ tasks required by mass production.

62. A) product      B) production    C) products     D) productivity
63. A) other         B) small   C) capitalistic    D) developing
64. A) accounted     B) occupiedC) played        D) shared
65. A) output        B) developmentC) share         D) economy
66. A) state         B) consumerC) representative  D) supplier
67. A) by           B) atC) through       D) in
68. A) products      B) marketC) employees     D) changes
69. A) one         B) ones       C) times         D) time
70. A) what         B) like       C) that         D) how
71. A) ranging        B) varyingC) swinging      D) getting
72. A) producing      B) productsC) servicing      D) services
73. A) proportion      B) numberC) quantity      D) group
74. A) changed        B) goneC) applied      D) shrunk
75. A) Furthermore     B) EvenC) Therefore       D) Hence
76. A) armies         B) weaponsC) factories      D) countries
77. A) question        B) shiftC) manufacturing   D) rebuilding
78. A) with       B) asC) given       D) if
79. A) while          B) whoseC) who's       D) which
80. A) give           B) is givingC) gives       D) gave
81. A) repetitive       B) variousC) creative      D) enormous

Part Ⅵ  Translation (5 minutes)
Directions: Complete the sentence on Answer Sheet 2 by translating into English the Chinese given in brackets.

82.Although the federal government has introduced some new laws on this subject it is the state governments __________________________________. (首先对控制污染负责)
83.These areas rely on agriculture almost entirely, ____________________________________. (只有很少量的矿产资源和最低程度的工业发展)
84.He walked away immediately, _______________________________________.(甚至连声抱歉都没有说)
85.A stable environment will bring ___________________________________. (更多的投资机会和更好的发展机遇)
86.The police ______________________________________________.  (毫无根据地把受害者的死亡归于自杀)
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