Error Correction (15 minutes)

Time spent in a bookstore can be enjoyable, if --71.
you are a book-lover or merely there to buy a book a
present. You may even have entered the shop
just to find shelters away a sudden shower. --72.
Whatever the reasons, you can soon become totally
unaware of your surroundings. The desire to pick
up a book with an attractive dust jacket is
irresistible, even this method of selection ought --73.
not to be followed, as you might end up with a
rather bored book. You soon become engrossed in --74.
some book or other, and usually it is only much
later that you realise you have spent far much --75.
time there and must dash off to keep some forgotten
appointment -- without buying a book, of course.
This opportunity to escape the realities of
everyday life is, I think, the main attraction of a
bookshop. There are not many places where it is
impossible to do this. A music shop is very much --76.
like a bookshop. You can wander round such places
to your heart's content. If it is a good shop, no
assistant will approach to you with the inevitable --77.
greeting: "Can I help you, Sir?" You needn't buy
anything if you don't want. In a bookshop an
assistant should remain the background until you --78.
have finished browsing. Then, only then, are his
services necessary. Of course, you may want to
find out where a particular section is, since when he --79.
has led you there, the assistant should retire
discreetly and look as he is not interested in --80.
selling a single book.


71. if -- whether
72. (away) from
73. (even) although
74. bored -- boring
75. (far) too
76. impossible -- possible
77. /
78. (remain) in
79. since -- but
80. (as) if
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