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11. [A] Nobody likes to listen to this symphony.
  [B ] Many people like the symphony.
  [C] She doesn't like the symphony.
  [D] She'd like to have a cup of tea.

12. [A] The jobs have already been filled.
  [B] The man should hand in his application very soon.
  [C] The man can start work today.
  [D] The man isn't qualified for any of the jobs.

13. [A] She hasn't worn the dress for a long time.
  [B] She doesn't like the dress very much.
  [C] She intends to give the dress to her sister.
  [D] She doesn't remember where her sister bought the dress.

14. [A] She was open and frank.
  [B] She was not willing to say much.
  [C] Something was wrong with her lips.
  [D] She totally refused to talk to the man.

15. [A] The situation is not Leon's fault.
  [B] Neither Leon nor James is telling the truth.
  [C] The right and wrongs of this issue must involve deeper investigation.
  [D] Someone must be lying in this incident.

16. [A] He missed the game.
  [B] He would have watched the game.
  [C] He liked the game very much and watched it.
  [D] Watching a film is the last thing for him to do.

17. [A] Check to see if it can still be fixed for free.
  [B] Check to see what the problem is.
  [C] Find where they have put the warranty.
  [D] See if Mike is available.

18. [A] Eat a bigger breakfast.
  [B] Make time for lunch in her schedule.
  [C] Take only morning classes next semester.
  [D] Change her schedule after she eats lunch.

Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

19. [A] She's impressed with the ticket sellers.
  [B] She's pleased about the man's purchase.
  [C] She's uncertain about the change in plans.
  [D] She's resigned to the situation.

20. [A] By writing a personal check.
  [B] By charging them to their personal account.
  [C] By paying in cash.
  [D] By using a store credit card.

21. [A] Stay where he is.
  [B] Go home to telephone the order.
  [C] Try to get the tickets elsewhere.
  [D] Return after lunch.

Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

22. [A] They are looking for an apartment to live in.
  [B] They are discussing living places and children's education.
  [C] They are complaining about their children.
  [D] They are planning for the next weekend.

23. [A] There's much to do besides work and study.
  [B] It's convenient for people to go anywhere.
  [C] The natural environment is beneficial to children.
  [D] The countryside is a perfect place for weekends.

24. [A] The children are too young to benefit from city life.
  [B] Even adults themselves cannot go everywhere in the city.
  [C] There is a lot to see and do for children and adults.
  [D] There isn't a lot to see and do for children.

25. [A] She is a full-time housewife.
  [B] She does not care for her children.
  [C] She used to live in the suburbs in her childhood.
  [D] She will go to a museum next weekend.


11. M: Don't you think this symphony is wonderful? I could listen to it all day.
  W:That's interesting. You're the only one that feels that way as far as I know. I'm afraid that's not my cup of tea.
  Q: What does the woman mean? 

  【解析】选[C]。be one's cup of tea常用于口语中,表示"是某人喜爱或擅长的事物"。由女士所说的that's not my cup of tea可知她并不喜欢交响乐。另外,由You're the only one that feels that way也可以推出答案。

  12. M: Excuse me, I heard that there were a couple of jobs available in the library. So I'd like to apply for one of them. Can I fill out the application form at home and bring it back next week?
    W: Sure, but you should know that we're about to start looking at the applications, and we hope to make some job offers in a few days.
      Q: What does the woman imply?

  【解析】选[B]。男士问女士他能不能把工作申请表带回家去填,下周再交回来。女士说他们打算开始浏览工作申请并希望再近几天内发出几份录用通知。女士说的but you should know that...表示提醒,可见她是想暗示男士尽早把申请表交上来,以免失去机会。

  13. M: That's a great dress, Cindy. I don't think I've ever seen you wear it before.
    W: Oh, I have. It's just that it's sent back to my closet. My sister gave it to me like ages ago and I totally forgot about it.
      Q: What does the woman imply?

  【解析】选[A]。ages ago意为"很久以前",结合it's sent back to my closet和I totally forgot about it可推知女士已经好久没穿这件衣服了,因此选[A]。

  14. W: Well, did you manage to get information from Professor Baker? When are our results coming in?
    M: Well she was a bit tight-lipped about it.
      Q: What can be inferred about Professor Baker?

  【解析】选[B]。tight-lipped意为"嘴巴紧的",指对某事保密、不愿透露消息。由she was a bit tight-lipped about it可知,Professor Baker不愿意就考试成绩的事多说(not willing to say much)。

  15. W: Who do you believe? James says Leon has been backstabbing him, but Leon claims he's innocent. It'll be hard for them to reconcile if this mess continues.
    M: Well, It could be best to talk to both of them and see what lies underneath. There are two sides to every story you know.
      Q: What does the man infer?

  【解析】选[C]。It could be best to...表示建议。talk to both of them and see what lies underneath表明男士认为需要进一步了解情况(deeper investigation)才能弄清整件事情的是非曲直(right and wrongs of this issue)。

  16. W: Did you watch the game last night?
    M: I wouldn't have missed it for anything!
      Q: What can we infer from the man's reply?

  【解析】选[C]。I wouldn't have missed it for anything意思是"我不会因为任何事情而错过它",由此推测,男士应该很喜欢并观看了昨晚的比赛。[C]项正确。

  17. W: Mike is very good at electrical appliances. You should get him to take a look and see if he can do something about it.
    M: Yeah, I will. But let me check and see if it's still under warranty.
      Q: What will the man probably do?

  【解析】选[A]。女士建议男士找Mike帮忙修理电器,男士说他要先看看是不是还在保修期内(if it's still under warranty)。保修期内的商品是可以免费维修的(be fixed for free),因此选项[A]正确。

  18. W: Wednesdays are going to be busy days for me next semester. Three class in the morning and then two more in the afternoon. I won't even have time for lunch.
    M: You really should try to fit it in, you know. Those afternoon classes would be tough to sit through with empty stomach.
      Q: What does the man suggest the woman should do?

  【解析】选[B]。解答此题的关键是明确男士话中fit it in 的含义:it指代lunch,fit it in指make time for lunch,即他建议女士再忙也要抽时间吃午饭。另外由be tough to sit through with empty stomach也可以推知答案。

Conversation One

  M: Excuse me. Are you going to buy concert tickets?

  W: Yes, I am. So are all these people in front of me.

  M: Have you been here long?

  W: About 45 minutes. I've moved forward a total of about 3 feet in that time.

  M: You are kidding.

  W: Not at all. There was a couple up ahead of me who got so disgusted and they finally gave up and left. They said they'd been waiting for more than an hour.

  M: Terrific. Does anyone know what's causing the delay?

  W: If so, no one has let us know. It could be that there aren't enough people selling tickets this afternoon. or maybe their computer is down. I'm sure the concert hasn't been cancelled.

  M: I just hope they don't run out of tickets before I get up there.

  W: That really would be annoying, wouldn't it?

  M: I guess I should have come before lunch. or has it been like this all day?

  W: Apparently it has. In fact, before I came I tried calling to charge my tickets over the phone, just to avoid this long wait. But they are not taking phone orders, or checks, or credit cards. It's cash or nothing, and you have to come in person.

  M: Well, there are two more hours before the tickets office closes. Tickets for a good concert are worth waiting for. So I think I'll just make myself comfortable.

  Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  19. What do we learn about the woman's opinion about what's happening?

  【解析】选[D]。选项表明本题很可能考查女士对purchase的看法,[C]与此关系不大,很可能不是答案,故可初步排除。从对话中的buy concert tickets和all these people in front of me可以判断女士是在排队买票。女士说自己等了45 minutes,之后又补充说a couple ... finally gave up and left,这些都说明她为了买到tickets而情愿等候。选项[D] ...resigned to the situation"顺从了这种情形"符合题干要求及对话中所描述的事实。

  20. How are people expected to purchase their tickets?

  【解析】选[C]。预览选项可知此题考查的是付款方式。女士最后说,they are not taking phone orders, or checks, or credit cards. It's cash or nothing, ...。这就说明付款时除了cash"现金",其他方式都不行,因此选[C]。选项[B]中的charge ...to one's account意为"把...记在某人账上,赊购"。

     21. What will the man probably do next?

  【解析】选[A]。选项表明本题是在考查男士将要做出的行为。男士在对话结束时说"Tickets for a good concert are worth waiting for",这表明他肯定会继续等下去,因此选[A]。Conversation Two

  M: You like living in the city, don't you?

  W: Oh, I love it. It's so convenient. I can take the bus to work, or the subway, or the taxi. And there is so much to do.

  M: I know what you mean. I'd like to live in the city, too, but to live in the suburbs is better for children.

  W: Well, there are a lot of good things about suburban living. But, as a working woman, I think a city has all the conveniences - including the best food and fastest news.

  M: But there are more trees, grass and fresh air in the suburbs.

  W: Yeah, but living in a city, it's convenient to go everywhere. There are lots of movie houses, theaters and so on. You can take them to the suburbs on the weekends.

  M: Yeah, children are the right age. There are lots of things for them here.

  W: You are right. They are at the library in Brooklyn. And they come back home for lunch, then go uptown to the Museum of Natural History. There is so much for young people to see and do.

  M: Not just for young people. What about me? I've never been to the Museum of Natural History.

  W: Neither have I. When I was a child, I used to go to the Museum of Art.

  M: I've been there several times. Twice with children.

  W: Well, I have an idea. Next weekend, we go to the Museum of Natural History.

  M: Ok, that's really a very nice idea.

  Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  22. What are the two speakers mainly talking about?


  23. What does the man think of living in the suburbs?

  【解析】选[C]。听音时一定要听清问题,将不同人物的信息对号入座。选项[A]、[B]是女士对于在市内生活的看法,与题干不符。对话中男士指出:there are more trees, grass and fresh air in the suburbs,[C]是对此的同义转述。

  24. What is the man's opinion of the city?

  【解析】选[C]。选项表明本题最有可能在考查城市对孩子的影响,[B]与其他选项明显不同,可能不是答案,故初步排除。对话中女士指出There is so much for young people to see and do。男士则回答说Not just for young people,并表示自己也从未去过自然历史博物馆,言下之意是说无论对孩子还是对成年人而言,城市都不失为一个好地方,因此选[C]。

  25. What do we know about the woman according to the conversation?

  【解析】选[D]。选项均以She开头,因此要注意听女士的行为或意见。[A]与女士说的as a working woman矛盾。根据第22题的分析,[B]与对话主旨明显相反。[C]在文中没有涉及。对话结尾,女士建议下周末一起去自然历史博物馆,因此[D]项正确。

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