Possessing a Private Car or Not

There is no denying that our modern society is moving on four wheels. Owning a private car is a great thing. It makes going out more convenient and comfortable. But if my family has the plan to purchase a private car, to be frank, I will say “No”.
To begin with, possessing a private car is really a financial burden for the average families. As to my family, my parents are both teachers, purchasing a private car maybe beyond our financial ability. Not only the car itself is too expensive to afford, but also the cost of maintenance is too high. Although the convenience and mobility of a private car badly attract me, I will repress this desire when I think about the heavy loan that the wonderful thing may bring us.
What’s more, a private car is not good for my family members’ health and safety. The terrible noise and harmful gas that we must be exposed to every day undoubtedly do harm to our hearing and respiratory organs. And driving an automobile is a very demanding job. I will express my sincere sympathy for my dear father ― the only driver in my family if we really purchase a car.
The last but not the least, I would like to show my opinion from a higher perspective. Just imagine that if every family has a private car, what problems may this give rise to? The traffic accidents, energy crisis, noise and air pollution, congested parking and crowded streets will all become more serious social problems that give threat to people’s peaceful lives. In addition, the popularization of private cars may lead people to a luxurious and lazy life.
In conclusion, though there are many favorable aspects to attract people to possess private cars, as far as my family is concerned, I don’t think it is very necessary and useful.

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