1.  N
2.  Y
3.  NG
4.  Y
5.  those things that they love most
6.  products
7.  more confidence
8.  What do I really want to do?
9.  give up, or risk
10. the lack of action



11.A) Surfing the net.
12.B) He is sure of his success in the exam.
13.D) The man is quite optimistic about human nature.
14.C) Stay in business.
15.A) More money.
16.B) She missed the comforts of home.
17.C) Seek professional advice.
18.A ) He dresses more formally now.
19.B ) To have meetings.
20.D) It can lessen the discomfort caused by air travel.
21.D) Avoided eating rich food.
22.C) Not many of them chose to do what she did
23 A ) At a fair.
24.C) The purchasing of some equipment.
25.B) Training consultancy.
26.A ) Improve themselves.
27.D) By making detailed plans and carrying them out.
28.D) To illustrate how easily people abandon their goals.
29.B) Karen was adopted by Ray Anderson.
30.B) He sacrificed his life to save a baby girl.
31.A) The reported hero turned out to be his father.
32.B) Japan.
33.D) By taking shorter vacations each year.
34.A) To combat competition and raise productivity.
35.C) Reducing their working hours.
44.It is sometimes required that we work overtime,
   and that we change shifts four or five times a month.
45.Most hospitals are now staffed by new graduates,
  as experienced nurses finally give up trying to change the system.
46.they will find that most critical hospital cares will be provided
  by new, inexperienced, and sometimes inadequately trained nurses.



47. The brilliance of S. Brin and L. Page
48. the academic project
49. By word of mouth
50. meet their price
51. advertising


52. B) Why affluence doesn’t guarantee happiness?
53. D) materialism has run wild in modern society
54. A) Their material pursuits have gone far ahead of their earnings.
55. D) Workers who no longer have secure jobs
56. C) New conflicts and complaints

57. B) the Confucian influence on gender norms in Japan  
58. B) They use fewer of the deferential linguistic form
59. D) They express strong disapproval
[60]. A) may lead to changes in social relations
61. C) one of their strategies to compete in a male-dominated society




62. B) By
63. A) fresh
64. C) live
65. D) much
66. A) reluctance
67. D) human
68. C) rebuilding
69. A) review
70. C) protecting
71. B) ever
72. D) out
73. B) rarely
74. A) surge
75. C) followed
76. B) where
77. A) enough
78. C) that
79. B) evacuate
80. A) ride
81. D) negotiations

82. competing with foreign firms for market share
83. does he feel secure and relaxed
84. are deprived of the rights to receive education
85. not to mention/let alone  the large amount of money we have spent
86. have gained/caused considerable public concern in recent decades  


Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a
short essay entitled Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good
Deed? You should write at least 150 words following the outline
given below.
   1、  有人做好事期望得到回报;
   2、  有人认为应该像雷锋那样做好事不图回报;
   3、  我的观点。


Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed?
     A great many people presume upon a reward when doing a good
deed. First and foremost, there is a natural tendency to equate
doing good deeds with a certain amount of reward, and reward with
a certain amount of money. What is more, they maintain that since
the basis of contemporary society is money, one of the major means
of earning money is getting reward by doing good deeds.
     On the contrary, the vast majority of people assume that
doing a good deed should be based on people’s personal interests.
Hence, doing a good deed is fulfilling itself and reward is of
minimal significance.Numerous examples can be given, but this will
suffice. Mr. Leifeng lived a simple life dedicated to doing good
deeds without expecting any reward and helping people from all
walks of life, yet he was remembered as one of the most successful
hero of our time.
     Generally speaking, it is my view that we should not expect a
reward when doing a good deed. We do this for enjoyment, fulfillment
and other spiritual enhancement, not for the purpose of reward.
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