Directions: This part consists of one passage. In each passage there are altogether 10 mistakes, one in each numbered line. You may have to change word, add a word or delete(删去) a word. If you change a word, cross it out and write correct word in the corresponding blank. If you add a word, put an insertion mark (∧) in the right place and write the missing word in the blank. If you delete a word, cross it out and put a slash (/) in the blank.

  One of the three major commercial networks, CBS were organized 1. ____
  in l928 which its founder, William Paley, acquired 2. ____
  ownership of a group of radio stations. As the
  Columbia Broadcasting System expanded its operations,
  soon become the largest radio network in the 3. ____
  United States, it precociously recognized the potential
  for the rapidly evolved television broadcasting 4. ____
  technology. On July 13th, 1931, it began experimentally 5. ____
  television broadcasting in New York, and ten years later
  began regular black and white week broadcasts over 6. ____
  its WCBW TV station in the same city, that became 7. _ __
  WCBS TV in November 1946. With Television City
  in Hollywood, CBS launched the industry’s first full
  scale production studio.
  Today CBS owns television stations, radio stations,
  and home video production and distribution interests.
  The CBS \ Broadcasting Group composed of six 8. ____
  divisions : television network, entertainment, sports,
  news, local television stations, and radio.
  For most of commercial television history, CBS
  has been the leader in prime-time ratings, having the
  highest-rated shows in almost every year from the
  mid 1950s through the mid 1980s. During the late
  1980s, however, CBS lost its top position from NBC. 9. ____
  CBS has traditionally been strong in the TV
  news area. The network began the first regular TV news
  program in l948 with Douglas Edwards as anchor,
  Journalism legends such as Edward R. Murrow and
  Walter Cronkite gave CBS its reputation as quality 10. ____
  news broadcaster.
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