9. lonely

  You can be alone without being lonely. 你可以独处而不感到寂寞。

  He has so few friends that his life is lonely. 他的朋友很少,因此他的生活非常孤单。

  She avoids lonely streets. She is afraid of being mugged. 她避免在没人的马路上行走。她怕遭抢劫。

  10. lovely

  It’s a lovely day indeed. 天气的确很好啊。

  Spring is a lovely season. 春天是怡人的季节。

  This is a lovely party, but we have to go because of the baby-sitter. 这个晚会真好,但因为要替换那临时看孩子的人。我们必须回去。

  11. manly

  Football is a manly sport. 足球是一项激烈的体育运动。

  He looks very manly in his uniform. 他穿着制服十分精神。

  12. motherly

  Her motherly kindness attaches us all to her. 她像母亲一般仁慈,我们大家都很依恋她。

  Natalie, silent, regarded them both with a satirical motherly look. 娜塔丽默默地用讽刺,但是慈祥的目光望着他们两人。

  13. silly

  It sounds silly. 这话听起来很愚蠢。

  It was silly to believe him. 相信他的话是愚蠢的。

  That’s rather a silly question. 那是个相当愚蠢的问题。

  14. sisterly

  She had a true sisterly feeling for her brother. 她对兄长怀有真正的骨肉之情。

  The sisterly chat between the two of them lasted till midnight. 她们俩之间的亲密交谈一直继续到半夜。

  15. ugly

  The baby’s less ugly than you. 这孩子不像你那么丑。

  The ugly frog became a handsome prince. 丑陋的青蛙变成了英俊的王子。

  You aren’t rich;still you could do something to help him. 你虽然不富有,但你仍可以给予他帮助。

  16. unfriendly

  I felt that she wets unfriendly. 我觉得她不友好。

  Tom is very unfriendly to me as well. 汤姆对我也很不友善。

  I find her very aloof and unfriendly. 我觉得她非常冷淡,不好相处。

  Do not think that Americans are in such a hurry that they are unfriendly. 不要认为美国人如此匆忙是不友善的。

  17. unlikely

  Seeing that he’s ill, he’s unlikely to come. 他既然有病,那就不大可能来了。

  The job is unlikely to be finished inside of a year. 这工作一年之内不见得能完成。

  They are unlikely to stay in power after the next election. 下次选举之后他们不太可能继续执政。

  18. womanly

  They give away the fact that they haven't the instincts of a womanly woman. 她们泄露了一个事实,那就是她们不具有女性的本能。

  She went, with her neat figure, and her sober womanly step, down the dark street. 她顺着黑暗的街道走去,显出利落匀称的身材,迈着端庄的女人的步子。
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