More attention was paid to the quality of production in France at the time of Rene Coty. Charles Deschanel was then the financial minister. He stressed that workmanship and quality were more important than quantity for industrial production. It would be necessary to produce quality goods for the international markets to compete with those produced in other countries. The French economy needed a larger share of international market to balance its import and export trade.

  French industrial and agricultural production was still inadequate to meet the immediate needs of the people, let alone long-ranged developments. Essential imports had stretched the national credit to the breaking point. Rents were tightly controlled, but the extreme inflation affected general population most severely through the cost of food. Food costs took as much as 80 percent of the worker's income. Wages, it is true, had risen. Extensive family allowances and benefits were paid by the state, and there was fulltime and overtime employment. Taken together, these factors enabled the working class to exist but allowed them no sense of security. In this discouraging situation, workmen were willing to work overseas for higher wages.

  The government was unwilling to let workers leave the country. It was feared that migration of workers would reduce the labor force. The lack of qualified workers might hinder the improvement in the quality of industrial products produced. Qualified workers employed abroad would only increase the quantity of quality goods produced in foreign countries. Also the quantity of quality goods produced in France would not be able to increase as part of its ualified labor force moved to other countries.

  1. The purpose of the passage is to_______.
  A. explain the French government's emphasis on quality products
  B. discuss Charles Deschanel's contribution to the French industrial development
  C. compare the quality of French goods with that of foreign goods
  D. show French workmen's enthusiasm to seek well-paid jobs in foreign countries
  2. It can be inferred from the passage that at the time of Rene Coty .
  A. France was still at the first stage of industrial development
  B. French workers were better paid than the workers in any other European countries
  C. the unemployment rate in France was comparatively higher than that in other European countries
  D. French workers were able to live better with the increase in their wages
  3. It is implied in the passage that at that time_______.
  A. France had a very large share of international market
  B. the import and export trade in France was making a successful advance
  C. demand and supply in France was barely balanced
  D. France was experiencing economic depression
  4. Which of the following is the best indicator of the extreme inflation in France?
  A. Eighty percent increase in the prices of consumer goods.
  B. High cost of food.
  C. High rents for houses.
  D. Lack of agricultural products.
  5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
  A. Rents in France were tightly controlled.
  B. France was flooding the international market with inferior products.
  C. French workers were prohibited from going abroad to find jobs.
  D. The migration of French workers would hinder the improvement of quality in industrial production.
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