Social customs and ways of behaving change. Things which were considered impolite many years ago are now 11 . Just a few years ago, it was 12 impolite behavior for a man to smoke on the street. No man who thought of himself as being a gentleman would make a 13 of himself by smoking when a lady was in a room.

  Customs also differ from country to country. Does a man walk on the left or the right of a woman in your country? Or doesn't it 14 ? What about table manners? Should you use both hands when you are eating? Should you leave one in your lap, or on the table?

  The Americans and the British not only speak the same language but also 15 a large number of social customs. For example, in both America and England people shake hands when they meet each other for the first time. Also, most Englishmen will open a door for a woman or offer their seat to a woman, and so will most Americans. 16 is important both in England and in America. That is, if a dinner invitation is for 7 o'clock, the dinner guest either arrives 17 to that time or calls up to explain his 18.

  The important thing to remember about social customs is not to do anything that might make other people feel uncomfortable— 19 if they are your guests. There is an old story about a man who gave a formal dinner party. When the food was served, one of the guests started to eat his peas with a knife. The other guests were amused or shocked, but the 20 calmly picked up his knife and began eating in the same way.

  A. especially B. attainable C. close D. delay
  E. considered F. host G. delivery H. Preparation
  I. share J. fool K. specifically L. acceptable
  M. matter N. Promptness 0. care
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