Due Attention Should Be Given To the Study of Chinese

1. 近年来在学生中出现了忽视中文学习的现象;
2. 出现这种现象的原因和后果;
3. 我认为….


Along with the step of globalization, most students’ attention has shifted from Chinese to foreign cultures. Such a shift brought on great worries among people because it is not good for the development of Chinese culture.

There may be several reasons account for why this phenomenon could happen. First and foremost, the globalization greatly stimulated the spread of foreign cultures, which in turn stirred great interest among Chinese students; second, college students are, to some extent, forced to study certain foreign languages so as to pass exams or find good jobs so that they could not spare any time to study Chinese; last but not least, schools have no strict demand on students’ Chinese standard. No doubt, neglecting the study of Chinese will ultimately hold back the development of Chinese culture, and Chinese people may lose their cultural identity in such a competitive world.

In order change this situation and save our identity, due attention should be given to the study of Chinese. To begin with, government should put great efforts on the development of Chinese culture to make more people proud of it; besides, colleges and universities should make exams more balanced, not simply emphasizing the importance of foreign languages; finally, schools should also attach great importance to the study of Chinese, making it a compulsory curriculum. Through these efforts, I think, chances of changing this phenomenon are prosperous.

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