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  Section A
  Directions:In this section,you will hear 10 short conversations.At the end of each conversation,a question will be asked about what was said.Both the conversation and the question will be spoken only once.After each question there will be a pause.During the pause,you must read the four choices marked [A],[B],[C] and [D],and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  1.Q:How much is the normal price for one hamburger?
  A.40 cents.
  B.30 cents.
  C.20 cents.
  D.10 cents.
  2.Q:What conclusion can be drawn from the conversation?
  A.The train is crowded.
  B.The train is late.
  C.The train is empty.
  D.The train is on time.
  3.Q:Where did this conversation most likely take place?
  A.In a store.
  B.In an airport.
  C.In a police station.
  D.On a subway.
  4.Q:Did the man watch the game last night?
  A.No,he missed it.
  B.Yes,he did.
  C.No,he didn't.
  D.Yes,he probably did.
  5.Q:Why does the woman's fiance want to live in the suburbs?
  A.Because life is less expensive in the suburbs.
  B.Because jobs are easier to find.
  C.Because he works in the suburbs.
  D.Because the woman works in the suburbs.
  6.Q:What does the man dislike about the camera?
  A.The model.
  B.The lens.
  C.The price.
  D.The flash attachment.
  7.Q:Why did the woman miss the documentary?
  A.Because she was at the movies.
  B.Because she was in bed.
  C.Because she was in the hospital.
  D.Because she was watching another channel.
  8.Q:What is the woman going to buy downtown?
  A.Some pants.
  B.A suit.
  C.A blouse.
  D.A dress.
  9.Q:What probably happened to Paula?
  A.She lost a finger.
  B.She became a surgical nurse.
  C.Someone hit her in the nose.
  D.She had an operation on her nose.
  10.Q:What does the woman imply?
  A.She has finished only one step.
  B.She doesn't have any more time for redecorating.
  C.It's time for the work to be finished.
  D.The redecorating is being done gradually.
  Section B
  Compound Dictation
  Directions:In this section you will hear a passage three times.When the passage is read for the first time,you should listen carefully for its general idea.Then listen to the passage again.When the passage is read for the second time,you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from S1 to S7 with the exact words you have just heard.For blanks numbered from S8 to S10 you are required to fill in the missing information.You can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words.Finally,when the passage is read for the third time,you should check what you have written.
  The Effects of Colour
  Researchers have found that"cool"colours,such as blues and greens,can make us feel calm and(S1)_.Blue and green(S2)_can also(S3)_blood pressure,pulse rate,and breathing rate."Warm"colours,such as reds,yellow,and oranges.(S4)_us differently than"cool"colours do."Warm"colours can(S5)_make us feel warmer and(S6)_.They stimulate(S7)_,raise blood pressure,and quicken breathing.Colour can affect our moods.Yellow,a bright,sunny colour,often makes people feel happy and more active.Yet it makes some people feel hot and restless.(S8)_.According to a three-year study in Germany,the answer seems to be yes.Scientists studied how various colours affect school children.(S9)_.Scientists also think that colours can tell us something about people's personalities.(S10)_.
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