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  Section A
  Directions:In this section,you will hear 10 short conversations.At the end of each conversation a question will be asked about what was said.Both the conversation and the question will be spoken only once.After each question there will be a pause.During the pause,you must read the four choices marked [A],[B],[C] and [D],and decide which is the best answer.Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  1.Q:What does the woman imply?
  A.She thinks the man's joking.
  B.The man needs to have his eyes examined.
  C.The man should get some sleep.
  D.The man is wise to study.
  2.Q:When is the airplane now expected to arrive?
  A.6:00 p.m.
  B.8:00 p.m.
  C.9:00 p.m.
  3.Q:How much does the man owe the woman?
  A.10 cents.
  B.5 dollars.
  C.50 cents.
  D.25 cents.
  4.Q:To whom is the man talking?
  A.A woman.
  B.A clerk.
  C.A librarian.
  D.A student.
  5.What is the woman's problem concerning the hat box?
  A.The shape is wrong.
  B.It's too small for her hat.
  C.The bus company doesn't want it.
  D.If it can go into the rack.
  6.Q:What can we conclude from this conversation?
  A.The wind stopped,but it's still raining.
  B.The rain stopped.
  C.It's still raining,and the wind is blowing.
  D.Both the rain and wind stopped.
  7.Q:What does the woman suggest?
  A.Buying a new typewriter.
  B.Finding a new place for the typewriter.
  C.Finding a better typist.
  D.Questioning the typist.
  8.Q:What does the library provide?
  A.A news program.
  C.Research topics.
  D.A dating service.
  9.Q:What do Tom and Sarah have in common?
  A.They work in the same department.
  B.They are distantly related.
  C.They are both doctors.
  D.They are both chemists.
  10.Q:Which of the following statements does Mr.Jefferson no doubt believe?
  A.No news is good news.
  B.There is no hope for success.
  C.The participants in the talks have given up hope of succeeding.
  D.He is happy to be speaking to reporters.
  Section B
  Directions:In this section,you will hear 3 short passage.At the end of each passage,you will hear some questions.Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear one question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked [A],[B],[C] and [D].Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  Passage One
  Questions 11 to 14 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  11.What is the instructor describing?
  A.The layout of the laboratory.
  B.A laboratory experiment.
  C.The workbook for the laboratory course.
  D.A piece of equipment.
  12.What is the main idea of the talk?
  A.Homework must handed in on time.
  B.The students must follow all instructions exactly.
  C.The students will be able to make choices about the laboratory work.
  D.A great deal of equipment is available.
  13.How are the activities different from the experiments?
  A.The activities are to be done during class.
  B.The activities take less time.
  C.No equipment is needed for the activities.
  D.Few instructions are given for the activities.
  14.When would this talk be given?
  A.At the beginning of the semester.
  B.When the students need to be motivated.
  C.After the first laboratory session.
  D.When the students have done good work.
  Passage Two
  Questions 15 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  15.What is the passage mainly talking about?
  A.City life.
  B.Farm life.
  C.Political life.
  D.School life.
  16.Where do American farmers go shopping?
  A.In their own villages.
  B.In the towns nearby.
  C.In big cities.
  D.The passage does not tell us.
  17.How do children go to a large school?
  A.On foot.
  B.By bus.
  C.By car.
  D.By bicycle.
  Passage Three
  Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  18.Why do most students buy meal contracts?
  A.Most students don't know how to cook.
  B.The dormitories have limited cooking familities.
  C.The dining hall serves steak regularly.
  D.It's cheaper than cooking for themselves.
  19.What does the student need in order to eat at dining-hall?
  A.Three dollars.
  B.A housing contract.
  C.An identification card.
  D.A meal ticket.
  20.When do students most enjoy eating at Brummie dining-hall?
  A.On weekends.
  B.Around holidays.
  C.On weekday mornings.
  D.On weekday evenings.
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