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  1.A)She is pitiful.

  B)She is too shy to apply.

  C)They are afraid of her.

  D)She is intelligent.

  2.(A) He’s going to help the woman bake her cake.

  (B) He is going to get a mop and clean the floor.

  (C) He is going to sweep the kitchen floor.

  (D) He will get a broom and a dust pan to clean up the floor.

  3.A)To San Diego.

  B)To New York.

  C)To Los Angeles.

  D)To San Francisco.

  4.A)Toilet bowl cleaner.

  B)Household goods.

  C)Light bulbs.


  5.A)They think they are over priced.

  B)They think they have been stolen.

  C)They think they are in poor working condition.

  D)They think they should buy one.

  6.A)In the hall.

  B)At an exhibition.

  C) The kitchen.

  D)Living-room wall.

  7.(A) He was interested in the woman's request.

  (B) He was nervous about lending the woman money.

  (C) He was offended by the woman's inconsistency.

  (D) He acted as if he didn't know the woman.

  8.A)Being rude without cause.

  B)Being hasty to schedule meetings.

  C)Giving herself an upset stomach.

  D)Becoming extremely forgetful.

  9.A)He is annoyed but understanding.

  B)He is afraid of the woman he is speaking to

  (C)She is not happy.

  D)He knows Jane must drive a long way.

  10.A) At a church.

  B)At a library.

  C)In England.

  D)At a theater.

  PASSAGE 1 (answer 11-14)

  Questions 11 to 14 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  11.A)His travels.

  B)His short stories.

  C)His finances.

  D)His family.





  13.A)He wanted to be a journalist.

  B)He liked the climate there.

  C) He wanted to get away from the army.

  D) He was sent there by his father.

  14.A)His stories were inspired by his travels.

  B)His travels prevented him from writing.

  C)He traveled in order to relax from the pressures of writing.

  D)He traveled around to publicize his writing.

  PASSAGE 2 (answer 15-17)

  Questions 15 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  15.A)It had one propeller.

  B)It was made of aluminum.

  C)It had a double rudder.

  D)It was made of light-weight tin.

  16.A)They worked on it for fifteen years before launching it.

  B)They built an underground tunnel.

  C)They practiced with gliders.

  D)They started out with a balloon.

  17.A)Nothing for ten years.

  B)Everyone was immediately enthusiastic.

  C)The army bought its first plane during World War I.

  D)They established plants abroad.

  PASSAGE 3 (answer 18-20)

  Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  18.A)At a telephone laboratory.

  B)At the library.

  C)On Martha's Vineyard.

  D)In a lecture hall.

  19.A)They inherited deafness.

  B)An epidemic struck the island.

  C)The climate caused hearing loss.

  D)It was an unlucky place.

  20.A)The patterns of marriage have changed.

  B)Many deaf people have regained their hearing.

  C) Most of the original population has left the island.

  D)The island has become famous for its research facilities.

【答案见下页】  1—5 DDCCB 6—10 DCAAB 11—15 ADCAC 16—20 CDDAA
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