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  1.A)They haven't seen any.

  B)They have seen enough.

  C)They need plenty of space.

  D)They have an apartment.

  2.(A) To find a house which is about 20 miles away from work.

  B) To drive about 20 miles to work everyday.

  C) Buy a

  D)Rent an apartment in the suburbs.

  3.A)In a kitchen.

  B)In an orchard.

  C)In a garden.

  D)At a picnic.

  4.A)A traffic guard.

  B)A sociologist.

  C)A student.

  D)A salesperson.

  5.(A) Disconnect his telephone.

  (B) Blow a whistle into the receiver.

  C) Keep a record of incoming annoyance calls.

  D) Report his problem to the police.

  6.A)Betty told

  B)Peter told him.

  C)Paul told him.

  D)Nobody told him.

  7.A)Over the phone.

  B)At a garage.

  C)In a store.

  D)At home.

  8.A)It's filled with lies.

  B)It doesn't describe all her experience

  (C) It is too long.

  D)It contains one lie.

  9.(A) She eats an egg, a toasted muffin, and coffee.

  (B) She eats at the school

  (C) She eats at home when she gets a ride and leaves the house early.

  (D) She has breakfast in the kitchen.

  10.(A) She decided to buy a gold necklace.

  (B) She decided to buy a pair of gold earrings and a gold necklace to match them.

  (C) She decided to buy a pair of gold earrings to match a gold necklace that she already had.

  (D) She decided to buy a pair of silver earrings because they were cheaper than the gold ones.

  PASSAGE 1 (amswer 11-13)

  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  11.A)Houses with five floors arranged in long uniform rows.

  B)Houses with many floors arranged in long uniform rows.

  C)Houses with two floors arranged in long uniform rows.

  D)Houses with four floors standing independently.

  12.A)At present,houses standing alone are very large and of very pleasing design.

  B)At the beginning of this century,houses standing alone were very large but not good-looking.

  C)After 1850,houses standing along were very large and well designed.

  D)Until 1850,houses standing alone were very large and beautifully designed.

  13.A)Houses built in pairs with some space left between the pairs.

  B)Houses built without terraces. C)Houses standing alone in their own grounds.

  D)Houses built in long uniform rows or terraces,with no gap between them.

  PASSAGE 2 (answer 14-16)

  Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.


  B)The brave Alaskan people.

  C)Alaskan transportation today.

  D)A dog sled race.

  15.A)Every year in March.

  B)Every other year.

  C)From two to three weeks.

  D)The winter of 1925.


  B)Finding gold.

  C)Just to finish.

  D)Being able to compete.

  PASSAGE 3 (answer 17-20)

  Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  17.A)Reading magazine articles.

  B)Reviewing book reports.

  C)Writing research papers.

  D)Selecting information sources.

  18.A)Gathering non-relevant materials.

  B)Stealing another person's ideas.

  C)Sharing notes with someone else.

  D)Handing in assignments late.

  19.A)In the student's own words.

  B)In direct quotations.

  C)In short

  D)In shorthand.

  20.A)It should be assimilated thoroughly.

  B)It should be enclosed in quotation marks.

  C)It should be paraphrased by the author.

  D)It should be authorized by the source.
  1—5 CBCCC 6—10 ACBDC 11—15 CDADA 16—20 DCBAB
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