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1. It is my hope that everyone in this class should __ their errors before it is too late. (05/12)

A) expel
B) exclude
C) refute
D) rectify

2. A membership card ____the holder to use the club's facilities for a period of twelve months. (03/9)

A) approves
B) authorizes
C) rectifies
D) endows

3. In order to prevent stress from being set up in the metal, expansion joints are fitted which _______ the stress by allowing the pipe to expand or contract freely. (02/12)

A) relieve
B) reconcile
C) reclaim
D) rectify

4. He is the only person who can ____ in this case,because the other witnesses were killed mysteriously. (02/6)

A) testify
B) charge
C) accuse
D) rectify

5. Once you get to know your mistakes, you should __________ them as soon as possible. (02/1)

A) rectify
B) reclaim
C) refrain
D) reckon

6. Since the two countries couldn't ______ their differences, they decided to stop their negotiations. (99/6)

A) rectify
B) oblige
C) reconcile
D) obscure

7. Reading _______ the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. (97/6)

A) rectifies
B) prolongs
C) minimizes
D) furnishes


1. This new laser printer is _______ with all leading software. (02/12)

A) comparable
B) competitive
C) compatible
D) cooperative

2. Even when textbooks are ______ through a school system, methods of teaching may vary greatly. (99/1)

A) commonplace
B) standardized
C) competitive
D) generalized

3. Because a degree form a good university is the means to a better job, education is one of the most ________ areas in Japanese life. (98/6)

A) sophisticated
B) competitive
C) considerate
D) superficial


1. President Wilson attempted to ____ between the powers to end the war, but neither side was prepared to give in. (03/12)

A) segregate
B) whirl
C) compromise
D) mediate

2. If a person talks about his weak points, his listener is expected to say something in the way of _______ . (98/6)

A) persuasion
B) remedy
C) encouragement
D) compromise

3. To ____ for his unpleasant experiences he drank a little more than was good for him. (98/1)

A) commence
B) compromise
C) compensate
D) compliment


1. Do you have any ______ about what living beings on other planets would be like? (98/6)

A) ideal
B) comprehension
C) notion
D) intelligence

2. They tossed your thoughts back and forth for over an hour, but still could not make __________ of them. (97/1)

A) impression
B) comprehension
C) meaning
D) sense


1. They have done away with ____Latin for university entrance at Harvard. (03/9)

A) influential
B) indispensable
C) compulsory
D) essential

2. Many countries have adopted systems of _____ education in order to promote the average level of education. (03/6)

A) compulsory
B) cardinal
C) constrained
D) conventional


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improve ameliorate better develop remedy revise enhance enrich upgrade refine  


important significant consequential momentous considerable essential valuable distinctive great weighty major serious grave vital capital substantial material; 稍微扯得远一点的还有conspicuous striking prominent eminent noticeable


correct rectify accurate precise proper undistorted right impeccable


increase rise extend magnify decrease reduce fall amplify aggrandize elongate intensify enhance prolong strengthen curtail shrink terminate lessen abate raise boost intense(intensify) expand augment enlarge diminish dwindle(swindle是诈骗的意思)slump  


justify warrant assert claim contend argue validate substantiate verify accuse assign indict allege affirm  


statement claim declaration assertion opinion belief view conviction persuasion  


request demand needs requisition  


to cancel; to revoke; to countermand; [Law] to rescind; to quash  


to build up; to establish; to set up; to found; to take root; to strike root  


to eliminate; to clear; to remove; to clear up; to take away; to smooth away  


1.[Logic] inference; reasoning; deduction; ratiocination  

2.to reason  

3.to put two and two together  


1.corresponding; relevant; relative; fitting; appropriate  

2.accordingly; correspondingly; by the same token; in a corresponding way  

3.to correspond to; to act in responses; to work in concert with; to support each other  


1.to lead to; to bring about (or on); to result in; to cause; to spark off;  to conduce to; to procure; to induce; to generate  


a consequence; an aftermath; an outcome  


to inspect; to check; to examine; to look over; to put to the test; to keep a check on  


prize reward award grant assign confer(on) honor fame credit contribution acknowledgement recognition


very strikingly greatly highly insatiably exceedingly dreadfully remarkably drastically dramatically  


sufficient adequate enough


present justify practicable hence consequently examination accountable responsible


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  most shops in britain open at 9.00 a.m. and close at 5.00 or 5.30 in the evening. small shopsusually close for an hour at lunchtime. on one or two days a week-usually thursday and/or friday-some large food shops stay until about 8.00 p.m. for late night shopping.  

  many shops are closed in the afternoon on one day a week. the days is usually wednesday orthursday and it is a different day in different towns. nearly all shops are closed on sunday. news-paper shops are open in the morning, and sell sweets and cigarettes as well. but there are legal restrictions on selling many things on sundays. many large food shops(supermarkets)are self-service. when you go into one of these shops you take a basket and you put the things you wish to buy into it. you queue up at the cash-desk and pay for everything just before you leave. if anyone tries to take things from a shop without paying they are almost certain to be caught. most shops have store detectives who have the job of catching shoplifters. shoplifting is considered a serious crime by the police and the courts. when you are waiting to be served in a shop, itis important to wait your turn. it is important not to try to be served before people who arrived before you. many people from overseas are astonished at the british habit of queuing. 


  this article tells us about british shops. british shops usually open at 9.00 a.m. and close at 5.00or 5.30 p.m. many shops are closed in the afternoon one day a week. nearly all shops are closed on sundays. in britain, many large food shops are self-service. and when you wait to be served in a shop, you have to wait patiently for your turn.  


  二、短文评论(brief comment)阶段。


  from the article we learned about british shops, about their opening and closing time and their service. but we find that there are something inconvenient with british shop service. first is the time. shops in britain open very late and close too early. second is that there is almost no sunday service. where can people go if they suddenly need to buy something? the last is the habit of queuing. it will be a waste of time if the queue is too long.  



  三、引导写作(guided writing)阶段。



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  4、多用连接性的词组或单词。如“first, second, moreover, for one thing...., for another, on the one hand...., on the other”等等。可以把它们置于段首或文中比较显著的位置,这样会使文章更具条理性。
  [题目]:how to keep calm in an exam?  
  anxiety is perhaps the worst problem many college students are faced with in their examinations. they just feel unable to keep their wits about them in those occasions, as a result of which they don’t give full play to their abilities. how to solve this problem?
  first of all, we should dispel the misgivings about the results of the exams. all of us are eager to chalk up good results in the evaluation tests.however, just remember:more haste, less speed. we should not be too mindful about the results. take things calmly.
  furthermore, we can also adopt some concrete steps to calm ourselves. for example, we may keep our eyes closed and think of nothing for a minute or two just before starting an exam. it helps to keep a cool head and minimize nervousness. as for me, this method always works.
  in the final analysis, we ought to bear in mind that calmness is essential


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摘到一棵最大最好的麦子,但是只可以摘一次.柏拉图觉得很容易,就去了! 过了半天,柏拉图垂头丧气的空手而归,他
告诉老师,看到了一棵看似不错的, 却不知是不是最好的.因为只可以摘一次,不得已只好看看有没有更好的,到时候再
柏拉图式的爱情只是站在爱人的身边默默的付出,静静的守侯,既不奢望走进,也不祈求拥有.即便是根本不会有结果,却依然执迷不悔. 也就是这种不求回报的伟大注定了它悲剧的结局. 最后,也只能是一条在远处守侯的地平线.
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