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spirit, decline, climate, lend to, accuse, afford, anxiety, atmosphere, blame, bargain, calculate, circle, confidence, conscious, convince, custom, desperate, encourage, discourage, economic, economy, motive, promote, emotional, motion, fail to, flat, install, intimate, limit, major, no matter, neutral, outlet, perform, inform, formal, normal, radiate, authority,

companion, concept, create, creature, dentist, identify, identical, identity, engage, entitle, evaluate, fluid, influence, fortune, fulfill, general, intense, interpret, justice, adjust, judge, minor, observe, deserve, preserve, parallel, percept, stuff, surroundings, transport, transmit, transform, undergo, wander, wonder, widespread, ambition, approach, brief, conquer, result, consult, insult,

deliberate, despair, compare, emergence, emergency, establish, exhaust, expand, fade, frustrate, handy, incredible, inherit, conference, infer, offer, interfere, length, manufacture, mood, necessity, noble, occasion, occasional, output, oversea, pattern, plunge, practice, practical, recognize, release, rescue, maintain, remain, obtain, entertain, rural, urban, similar to, trial, trail, witness, absolute,

accumulate, in advance, advanced, advantage, agent, appeal, application, point, appoint, approximate, barrier, claim, climate, complicate, comprise, considerable, resume, consume, assume, contact, convict, crew, crucial, define, definite, deliver, disaster, disorder, diverse, economic, alert, exert, facility, faith, faithful, gap, sympathy, trace, track, visual, vision, worship, apparatus, brand, civil, clarity,

declare, combine, connect, consider, insert, desert, drown, external, frank, press, impress, pressure, depress, express, indispensable, inspect, respect, prospect, perspective, peculiar, particular, likely, inquire, require, acquire, request, result , consult, insult, spray, announce, pronounce, apparent, boundary, frontier, crash, debate, decrease, increase, reduce, include, conclude, exclude, federal,

firm, forecast, foresee, grateful, integrate, divide, individual, fence, defense, offend, portion, proper, property, reputation, restrict, loyal, royal, spot, terminal, alter, alternate, alternative, concrete, consequent, explode, explore, exploit, hesitate, imagine, influence, innocent, guilty, persuade, possess, sample, support, vital, burden, elect, select, collect, collective, contribute, distribute,

attribute, abuse, prejudice, avoid, escape, capture, compete, effort, enthusiasm, involve, evolve, imply, reply, multiply, issue, modify, occur, opponent, prefer, refer, publish, punish, rate, award, reward, shelter, skim, in spite of, temporary, vehicle, ancestor associate, refuse, confuse, describe, display, due to, error, essential, fresh, obvious, visible, invisible, previous, recall, relate, soil,

spoil,  stimulate, suffer, tense, accompany, analyze, conflict, convenient, derive, deprive, thrive, dominate, element, gallery, interval, lock, lack, match, ideal, reality, ignore, ignorant, independent, inspire, motion, promote, remote, motive, numerous, relevant, retreat, straight, suicide, trick, weigh, tempt, attempt, contract, attract, candidate, commercial, communicate, contain, coordinate, respond,

correspond, emphasis, enclose, focus, instinct, investigate, invest, manner, mere, nerve, political, policy, reliable, resemble, assemble, shape, sophisticate, stain, strain, symbol, triumph, upright, vigorous, benefit, profit, characterize, circumstance, chain store, concentrate, delegate, diligent, dispute, estimate, factor, intentional, occupy, inject, reject, object, project, subject, scenery,

survive, revive, temper, vary, accelerate, behave, concern, continue, deny, distance, insure, invade, mature, mental, monitor, mysterious, neglect, purpose, raw, refresh, remove, restore, resort, scarcely, specific, target, alarm, approve, certify, certificate, frost, fund, genuine, intend, material, memory, primitive, propose, ruin, shadow, contrary, sufficient, accent, actually, adequate, anxious,

attach, awkward, budget, capture, channel, circulate, community, company, consent, cooperate, cultivate, depart, devote, dismiss, distant, enhance, eventually, fierce, manage, overnight, passion, passive, postpone, progress, pursue, react,

render, sense, treat, treaty, capacity, civilian, compel, contradiction, crack, curiosity, departure, devise, device, secure, accurate, depend, distinguish, plain, complain, explain, financial, hurt, injure, harm, destroy, ruin, instruct, construct, structure, isolate, labor, task, overlook, overcome, resist, insist, state, supreme, superior, volume, absorb, account, achieve, universal, convert,

reverse, apply, applicable, applicant, application, broad, board, cancel, casual, cancer, classify, comfort, submit, permit, emit, complex, conduct, constant, core, demand, command, comment, commend, mental, recommend, mention, design, signal, significant, protect, detect, point, appoint, appointment, disappoint, duration, durable, employ, excess, exceed, success, succeed, process, proceed, false, impose,

indicate, predict, opportunity, personal, pose, dispose, expose, suppose, oppose, compose, impose, deposit, poison, poverty, cautious, prove, improve, record, relieve, sincere, troop, upset, violent, welfare, abundant, advocate, affect, effect, effective, efficient, campaign, cause, commission, component, content, intention, crisis, critic, critical, destination, discard, discipline, anticipate,

participate, principal, principle, familiar, feature, feasible, indifferent, provide, recover, standard, thorough, morally, virtually, deal with, cope with, doubt, execute, density, corporation, currency, current, demonstrate, countless, discount , extraordinary, graduate, gradually, precious, precise, appreciate, reluctant, unwilling, sharp, shape, source, strength, length, supply, drop, endure,

evident, enormous, intensive, preference, produce, reflect, scale, semester, shift, talent, threat, typical, vain, volunteer, accomplish, analysis, assist, persist, insist, resist, consist, colony, confront, conventional, descend, donate, elementary, eliminate, frequent, incline, instant, merit, military, prevent, represent, restrain, academic, available, challenge, continent, elaborate, function,

generous, illustrate, measure, narrow, option, phenomenon, prohibit, panic, pretend, prompt, regulate, shrink, swallow, uniform, artificial, creature, determine, distinct, encounter, environment, fatigue


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4.但有的同学说做后答案都记忆住了,如何在做,我的体会是这样的,第一次按时间做 第二次,精读,第三次不做题只是在分析文章分析老师的讲课思路,这一点很重要!

  文章分为启承转合四个部分,面启是指开头 承是指展开论述,转是指一个让步可转折,因为对任事都不可能完全否定或完全支持。合是结束语 而文章分为新老观点对比型,首段结论型,问题解决型,设问及其回答 。那新老观点对比型主题应出现在一段未可二段开头,否则就没有篇展开论述了 而首段结论型主题在第一段,那么第一段是必读第二段开头是必读的,在文章结束时三句话必然是合的部分,而往往会有考题,一般有一道题,所经以结束前三名话必读,其佘各段只读首句一般就够了,而对于做题时,在未读文章前就应该将各题的关键词画出来,还有文章的出题顺序与原文的出题顺序大致相同,找答案时按题索原文章就可以了!

 1)在英语学习中,我们自然会遇到许多生词。这时,许多人立即翻阅字典,查找词义。 其实,这种做法是不科学的。它不但费时费力,而且影响阅读速度。事实上,阅读材 料中的每个词与它前后的词语或句子甚至段落有着互相制约的关系。我们可以利用语 境(各种已知信息)推测、判断某些生词的词义。猜测词义时,可利用以下线索:

  一 针对性解释

  针对性解释是作者为了更好的表达思想,在文章中对一些重要的概念、难懂的术语或 词汇等所作的解释。这些解释提供的信息具有明确的针对性,利用它们猜词义比较容易。

  1. 根据定义猜测词义



  anthropology is the scientific study of man.


  In slang the term "jam" constitutes a state of being in which a person

  finds himself or herself in a difficult situation.


  定义句的谓语动词多为:be, mean, deal with, be considered, to be, refer to,

  be called, be known as, define, represent, signify, constitute等。


  虽然复述不如定义那样严谨、详细,但是提供的信息足以使阅读者猜出生词词义。 复述部分可以适当词、短语或是从句。


  Semantics, the study of the meaning of words, is necessary if you are to

  speak and read intelligently.


  在复述中构成同位关系的两部分之间多用逗号连接,有时也使用破折号,冒号,分 号,引号,和括号等。

  Capacitance, or the ability to store electric charge, is one of the most common characteristics of electronic circuits.

  由同位语我们很快猜出生词capacitance词义---电容量。需要注意的是:同位语前还常有or, similarly, that is to say, in other words, namely, or other,say i. e. 等副词或短语出现。


  Krabacber suffers from SAD, which is short for seasonal affective disorder,  

大学英语四六级猜词技巧解读(2) �

a syndrome characterized by severe seasonal mood swings.

  根据生词SAD后面定语从句which is short for seasonal affective disorder和同位

  语a syndrome characterized by severe seasonal mood swings, 我们可以推断出SAD含义,即“季节性情绪紊乱症”。




  The consequences of epochal events such as wars and great scientific

  discoveries are not confined to a small geographical area as they were in

  the past.

  句中“战争”和“重大科学发现”是生词的实例,通过它们我们可以猜出epochal的 大致词义“重要的”,这与其确切含义“划时代的”十分接近。

  二 内在逻辑关系


  1. 根据对比关系猜测词义



  Andrew is one of the most supercilious men I know. His brother, in contrast,

  is quite humble and modest.

  该例中supercilious对许多人来说可能是个生词,但是句中短语in contrast,(相对照的,相对比的)可以提示我们supercilious和后面词组humble and modest(谦卑又谦虚)是对比关系。分析出这种关系后,我们便能猜出supercilious意为“目空一切的,傲慢的”。

  表示对比关系的词汇和短语主要是unlike,not,but,however,despite,in spite of,in contrast 和while 引导的并列句等。

  A good supervisor can recognize instantly the adept workers from the unskilled ones.


  2. 根据比较关系猜测词义



  Green loves to talk,and his brothers are similarly loquacious.

该句中副词similarly表明短语loves to talk与生词loquacious之间的比较关系。以此可以推断出loquacious词义为“健谈的”。  

大学英语四六级猜词技巧解读(3) �

表示比较关系的词和短语主要是similarly,like,just as,also等。

  3. 根据因果关系猜测词义



  Tom is considered an autocratic administrator because he makes decisions

  without seeking the opinions of others.


  There were so many demonstrators in the Red Square that he had to elbow his

  way through the crowd.


  4. 根据同义词的替代关系猜测词义



  Although he often had the opportunity, Mr. Tritt was never able to steal

  money from a customer. This would have endangered his position at the bank,

  and he did not want to jeopardize his future.

  作者为避免重复使用endanger一词,用其同义词jeopardize来替代它,由此推知其词义为“使. . . 陷入危险,危及、危害”。

  Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health. They

  also regard drinking as harmful.


  三 外部相关因素


  Husband:it‘s really cold out tonight.

  Wife: Sure it is. My hands are practically numb.

  How about lighting the furnace?


  The snake slithered through the grass.



  1. 根据前缀猜测词义


  He fell into a ditch and lay there, semiconscious, for a few minutes.

  根据词根conscious(清醒的,有意识的),结合前缀semi(半,部分的,不完全的), 我们便可猜出semiconscious词义“半清醒的,半昏迷的”。

  I‘m illiterate about such things.


  2. 根据后缀猜测词义


  Insecticide is applied where it is needed.


  Then the vapor may change into droplets.




  Growing economic problems were highlighted by a slowdown in oil output.




  Bullfight is very popular in Spain.



  综上所述,利用各种已知信息推测、判断词义是一项重要的阅读技巧。在实践中,我 们可以灵活运用,综合运用上面提到的几种猜测技巧,排除生词的障碍,顺利理解文章的思想内容,提高阅读速度
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