It is bad manners in the classroom to look for what our 1. _______

  neighbor had written, or try to see what mark he has received 2. _______

  without being permitted. It is good manners for them to help 3. _______

  each other if we have the same desire and the teacher allows to it. 4. _______

  In examinations and in certain kinds of written work, it is dishonest 5. _______

  and foolishly to help or to ask help from others. When one student 6. _______

  does so, much larger values are destroying. One may not agree 7. _______

  to examination system, but at present it is basically the only 8. _______

  measure that the teacher and the rest of the world can depend to 9. _______

  decide if or not each of us meets the requirement. 10. _______


 Not all people like to work and everyone likes to play. All over 1. _______

  the world men and woman, boys and girls enjoy sports. Since 2. _______

  long ago, many adults and children called their friends together 3. _______

  to spend hours, even days play games. One of the reasons people 4. _______

  like to play is that sports help them to live happily. In other words, 5. _______

  they help to keep people strong and feel good. When people are 6. _______

  playing games, they move a lot. That is how sports are good activities 7. _______

  for their health. Having fun with their friends make them happy. 8. _______

  many people enjoy sports by watching the others play. In American 9. _______

  big cities, thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games. 10. _______


  Some people, in all seriousness, say that humans will be living in space within the next hundred or so years. Planet Earth will be crowded, dirty and lack of resources. A sort of exodus [51] of mankind will begin.

  Spaceships will be assembled so that they revolve around the earth. Some may orbit around Mars. These space stations will be serviced by space buses. We saw the first space bus launch in [52] April 1981. This was ""Columbia"", it made several [53] orbits around the earth and then returned, landing on a huge dry lake bed in California. ""Columbia"" will be used again. Previous spaceships have been abandoned, only the nose being used to bring the crews back to earth.[54]

  Upon established, each space station will [55] generate its own atmosphere and have its own agriculture. It will need to rotation to provide [56] an artificial gravity; people will be forced inwards [57] from the centre by centrifugal force.

  The moon and Mars could become new sources of new materials. Driving through space will no [58] longer need Earth fuel - the energy would come from the sun. This energy would be converted from [59] electricity to work magnetic rockets.

  That all sounds quite fantastically but, with [60] the rapid development of modern technology, who knows about what the future holds?


  Expressing Yourself in English is an inter- esting new textbook with some variations from the traditional in its approach.They would 1.__________

  seem appropriate for self-study,especially when used in conjunction with the cassette,but is primarily intended of classroom use.Indeed, 2.__________

  the text itself contains notes to the teachers rather than that appearing in a separate teacher’s guide. 3.__________

  Each unit contains three readings,all of which,except for those appearing in the ninth and the final unit,are illustrated.The teacher's notes indicate the teacher should refrain of 4.__________

  answering students' questions about these readings until each student has worked through all the reading comprehension exercises without help. Among the book's distinctive features is the fact that contains a more extensive list of 5.__________

  references than any other writing for this level, 6.__________

  which exercises are provided and allow students to be creative with the English they learn. Again,like most comparable texts,Expressing 7.__________

  Yourself in English does not formally introduce the verb until Unit 3.One hint for teachers and students likely is that students 8.__________

  should not expect to be successful with the examinations offered in the body of the text if 9.__________

  they study outside of class and memorize the dialogue that introduces each unit. In order to keep the price lowly,the book 10.__________

  is paperbound and all pictures and illustrations are in black and white.The textbook will be accompanied by a workbook to be published later this year.


  Word came from California of a new weapon in the war on household pests.Two scientists work for a firm in California developed 1.__________

  a new method to eliminate insects with using dangerous chemicals.The new 2.__________

  weapon—hot air.The basic idea is that insect pests can adjust to temperature much above 3.__________

  normal.In laboratory experiments, termites can't survive much more than a quarter of hour at 100 degrees 4.__________

  Fahrenheit or about fifty degrees centigrade. The new method involves covering a house with a huge tent,and fill it with air heated to 5.__________

  around 65 degrees centigrade.Hot air is forced in with fans and the tent keeps the heat inside the house.Although termites try to escape by 6.__________

  hiding in wood beams,the heat treatment must be continued by four to six hours.But when it's 7.__________

  all over and the insects are dead, there are no toxic residues to danger humans or pets,and no 8.__________

  funny smells.Scientists claim that there's no danger of fire too. 9.__________

  Since very few household materials will burn at 65 degrees centigrade.In fact,wood is prepared for by drying in the ovens at 100 degrees centigrade,that is substantially hotter. 10.__________


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