Error Correction (15 minutes)

Time spent in a bookstore can be enjoyable, if --71.

you are a book-lover or merely there to buy a book a

present. You may even have entered the shop

just to find shelters away a sudden shower. --72.

Whatever the reasons, you can soon become totally

unaware of your surroundings. The desire to pick

up a book with an attractive dust jacket is

irresistible, even this method of selection ought --73.

not to be followed, as you might end up with a

rather bored book. You soon become engrossed in --74.

some book or other, and usually it is only much

later that you realise you have spent far much --75.

time there and must dash off to keep some forgotten

appointment -- without buying a book, of course.

This opportunity to escape the realities of

everyday life is, I think, the main attraction of a

bookshop. There are not many places where it is

impossible to do this. A music shop is very much --76.

like a bookshop. You can wander round such places

to your heart's content. If it is a good shop, no

assistant will approach to you with the inevitable --77.

greeting: "Can I help you, Sir?" You needn't buy

anything if you don't want. In a bookshop an

assistant should remain the background until you --78.

have finished browsing. Then, only then, are his

services necessary. Of course, you may want to

find out where a particular section is, since when he --79.

has led you there, the assistant should retire

discreetly and look as he is not interested in --80.

selling a single book.【答案见下页】
Error Correction (15 minutes)

Most studies suggest that when women and men do the

same job and have the experience, pay rates tend to be

similar. Most of the dollar differences stem from fact that        -------71.

women tend to be more recently employed and have more       -------72.

years on the job. Whether women who have started a career

will attain pay equality with men rest on at least two factors.        -------73.

First, will most of them continue part time at their jobs after       -------74.

they have children? A break in their employment, or a decision       -------75.

to work part time, will slow its raises and promotions

because it would for men. Second, will male-dominated       -------76.

companies elevate women to higher-paid jobs at the different       -------77.

rate as they elevate men? On some fields, this had clearly not       -------78.

happened. Many men, for example, have committed their       -------79.

lives to teaching careers, yet relative few have become        -------80.

principals or headmasters.【答案见下页】










  – 谓语动词:时态,语态,主谓一致

  · 时态:

  – do----did

  – did----do

  · 语态:

  – 被动语态:be + v-ed + by(of/with...)

  eg....the countries which threatened by...(05年)

  ·主谓一致:n. + (prep. + n.) + v

  – 非谓语动词:

  – doing----done


  – 三大从句:

  ·定语从句:...,that + 从句----which/who

  ...prep + that/who + 从句----which/whom

  ·名词性从句:that - what

  · 状语从句:S + even/just + S

  · 平行结构:

  – do, do, and doing

  – prep + do and doing

  – N, like N-s, N-s...




  · 语义矛盾:





On the way up I was busy taking picture since the scenery was so beautiful.

As everyone knows, it’s famous mountain with all kinds of plants and animals.

Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express me in simple English.

Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library.

I would describe myself as shy and quietly.

We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves.

7、连词: 上下文逻辑关系

8、代词:人称代词前后指代不一致;反身代词和人称代词的误用;关系代词的误用that, what等
I was learning to express me in simple English.

9、并列的平行结构:both…and…, not only… but also, prefer to do rather than do




3. 短文改错解题秘诀



It is an immensely complex______ that we take for granted.
A process B progress
C product D prospect
B 前进,进步C 产品D 前景
Families__1__many as 10 people have had to shelter__2__a single tent and share cookstoves and bathing___3__with neighbors.
1. A like B as C so D too
2. A by B below C under D with
3. A facilities   B instruments
  C implements D appliances

Q1题纯属固定搭配;Q2 根据句意选择“在帐篷下遮蔽” Q3难度较大,近义词辨析:

B通常和乐器搭配musical instruments
C farm implements 农具
D electric appliances 家用电器
A facility: rooms, services or equipment that are provided for particular purposes 设备,设施

This point in that cycle at which you wake can ___ how you feel later.
A effect  B affect
C reflect  D perfect

however, nevertheless, yet, still(然而), though, in spite of , despite,regardless of (尽管,即使)
递进词:besides, in addition, moreover, furthermore, what’s more(此外), even(甚至)
对比词:in contrast, on the contrary,  on the other hand, instead (相反)
因果词:because, since, due to, owing to, because of, therefore,consequently
并列 (增补):also, as well as (并且)
not only … but also … (不但,而且)
both … and …
neither … nor …
并列(转折):but, while
并列(选择):or, either……or……, whether……or……
并列(因果):for(因为), so(所以)
举例:for example, for instance, such as  

For this reason, they _1_students to meet others with differing _2_ and to read widely to _3_ their understanding in many fields of study.

  1.A prompt   B provoke
     C encourage D anticipate
  2.A histories  B expression
     C interests  D curiosities
  3.A broaden  B lengthen
     C enforce   D specify


4、留意横线之前的and, 小心前后呼应,借用相似相反相近原则

_1_ overnight, scores of tent villages bloomed _2_ the region, tended by international aid organizations, military _3_ and aid groups working day and night to shelter the survivors before winter set _4_.
Mercifully, the season was mild. But with the _5__ of spring, the refugees will be moved again.
   1.A altogether B almost
      C scarcely  D surely
   2.A among   B above
  C amid    D across  
   3.A ranks    B equipment
        C personnel D installations
   4.A out      B in
     C on      D forth
   5.A falling   B emergence
      C arrival   D appearing
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