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Part Ⅰ        Writing            (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication. Your essay should start with a brief description of the picture. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

As is described in the picture, a father asks her daughter how her school today goes on. Instead of answering directly, the daughter tells her father to read her blog. It is common that youngsters nowadays incline to communicate with others on internet increasingly, and lack communication with people around them. With the development of Internet, it has influenced our society to a large extent, especially interpersonal communication.

To begin with, we can communicate with others anytime via internet. Otherwise, we would have to arrange our schedules strictly in advance. Also, interpersonal communication through the internet is not restricted by space. For example, in most multinational corporations, instant messages and video conferences help colleagues solve problems timely and efficiently. Last but not least, the internet can greatly speed up our interpersonal communication. Whereas, there are also disadvantages that the internet brings to us. More and more people complained that they have lost face-to-face communicating skills. As a result, people become more and more indifferent to each other in real life. Some netizens who are immersed in virtual world even have difficulty in making friends in reality.

In conclusion, communication through the internet could bring us both convenience and inconvenience. We should strike a balance between them and make the best of the internet.




本篇范文在句式上,长短搭配,形式多变。从句、非谓语动词等多种表达方式,值得借鉴。同时,用词同样注意多样化,对网络相关词汇的多种表达(web, cyber, instant message, video conference等),考生同样应在平时注意归类、积累。


The Impact of the Internet on Interpersonal Communication

Today I saw an interesting cartoon, in which a father asked his daughter about her school performance of the day, and the daughter replied that he could go to her blog to check it. This small cartoon indicates a big change in our life, especially the way people communicate.

Internet enables people to break though the limitations of distance, strengthening social network. Unlike post offices, Internet service with its convenience helps people engage and converse real time with their parents, soul mates, friends though emails, IRC, micro blog anytime, anywhere with a network terminal, without suffering the long and painful wait for a reply.

Besides, such online communities as Twitter, Facebook are well under way and becoming the most dominating platforms for on-line social activities. These communities offer great opportunities for us to follow and interact with those we like and even those celebrities. It is also a platform for us to share and update information of each other, and learn the outside world.

Internet today and tomorrow is a virtual space where we live, where we learn, where we speak, and where we communicate.


今年的六级作文依旧延续了四六级的传统,考查“现象类”话题,要求根据漫画,发表对于“The impact of the internet on interpersonal communication”的观点。近年的六级作文题目,已经不再局限于传统的议论文考察模式,即要求考生给出非此即彼或既此既彼的观点、而是偏向于启发考生自己去思考,结合自己的生活经历以及对事物的理解,对话题中的现象进行深入的探讨,给出事实支撑。
  一、 长短句原则

  As a creature, I eat; as a man, I read. Although one action is to meet the primary need of my body and the other is to satisfy the intellectual need of mind, they are in a way quite similar.   如此可见,长短句结合,抑扬顿挫,岂不爽哉?牢记!

  二、 主题句原则

  To begin with, you must work hard at your lessons and be fully prepared before the exam(主题句). Without sufficient preparation, you can hardly expect to answer all the questions correctly.

  三、 短语优先原则

  I cannot bear it.
  可以用短语表达:I cannot put up with it.
  I want it.
  可以用短语表达:I am looking forward to it.

  四、 多实少虚原则

  原因很简单,写文章还是应该写一些实际的东西,不要空话连篇。这就要求一定要多用实词,少用虚词。我这里所说的虚词就是指那些比较大的词。比如我们说一个很好的时候,不应该之说nice这样空洞的词,应该使用一些诸如generous, humorous, interesting, smart, gentle, warm-hearted, hospital 之类的形象词。再比如:
  走出房间,general的词是:walk out of the room
  但是小偷走出房间应该说:slip out of the room
  小姐走出房间应该说:sail out of the room
  小孩走出房间应该说:dance out of the room
  老人走出房间应该说:stagger out of the room

  五、 多变句式原则

  都希望写下很长的句子,像个老外似的,可就是怕写错,怎么办,最保险的写长句的方法就是这些,可以在任何句子之间加and, 但最好是前后的句子又先后关系或者并列关系。比如说:
  I enjor music and he is fond of playing guitar.
  Not only the fur coat is soft, but it is also warm.
  besides, furthermore, likewise, moreover

  The car was quite old, yet it was in excellent condition.
  The coat was thin, but it was warm.
  despite that, still, however, nevertheless, in spite of, despite, notwithstanding

  3)因果(so, so, so)
  The snow began to fall, so we went home.
  then, therefore, consequently, accordingly, hence, as a result, for this reason, so that

  举例:This is what I can do.
  Whether he can go with us or not is not sure.
  When to go, Why he goes away…

  The man whom you met yesterday is a friend of mine.
  I don’t enjoy that book you are reading.
  Mr liu, our oral English teacher, is easy-going.
  其实很简单,同位语--要解释的东西删除后不影响整个句子的构成;定语从句—借用之前的关键词并且用其重新组成一个句子插入其中,但是whom or that 关键词必须要紧跟在先行词之前。

  Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, sophisticated or simple, there is plenty in London for you.
  Nowadays, energy can be obtained through various sources such as oil, coal, natural gas, solar heat, the wind and ocean tides.
  We have got to study hard, to enlarge our scope of knowledge, to realize our potentials and to pay for our life. (气势恢宏)

  六、 一 二 三原则

  领导讲话总是第一部分、第一点、第二点、第三点、第二部分、第一点… 如此罗嗦。可毕竟还是条理清楚。考官们看文章也必然要通过这些关键性的“标签”来判定你的文章是否结构清楚,条理自然。破解方法很简单,只要把下面任何一组的词汇加入到你的几个要点前就清楚了。
  1)first, second, third, last(不推荐,原因:俗)
  2)firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally(不推荐,原因:俗)
  3)the first, the second, the third, the last(不推荐,原因:俗)
  4)in the first place, in the second place, in the third place, lastly(不推荐,原因:俗)
  5)to begin with, then, furthermore, finally(强烈推荐)
  6)to start with, next, in addition, finally(强烈推荐)
  7)first and foremost, besides, last but not least(强烈推荐)
  8)most important of all, moreover, finally
  9)on the one hand, on the other hand(适用于两点的情况)
  10)for one thing, for another thing(适用于两点的情况)

  In order to attract more customers, advertisers have adopted every possible stimulative factor in making ads, such as sound, light, colours, cartoon films and human performance. For instance, to advertise a certain food, advertisers will ask an actor or actress to sit at a table and devour the seemingly delicious food while they fime him or her.
  To take … as an example, One example is…, Another example is…, for example


  世界上没有同样的指纹,没有相同的树叶,文章亦同,只有通过比较,你才会发现二者的相同点(through comparison)和不同点(through contrast)。下面是一些短语:
  in comparison, likewise, similarly, in the same manner
  on the other hand, conversely, whereas, while, instead, nevertheless, in contrast, on the contrary, compared with …, …


  实际就是重复重复再重复!下面的句子实际上就三个字 I love you!
  I am enthusiastic about you. That is to say, I love you.
  I am wild about you. In other words, I have fallen in love with you.
  I cannot bear it.
  可以用短语表达:I cannot put up with it.
  因此可以这样说:I cannot bear it. That is to say, I cannot put up with it or I am fed up with it.
  in more difficult language, in simpler words, put it more simply

  1. 结尾万能公式一:如此结论

  Obviously(此为过渡短语), we can draw the conclusion that good manners arise from politeness and respect for others.
  to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, on account of this, thus
  Thus, it can be concluded that…, Therefore, we can find that…

  2. 结尾万能公式二:如此建议

  Obviously, it is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem.
  Accordingly, I recommend that some measures be taken.
  Consequently, to solve the problem, some measures should be taken.
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