When it comes to love, there are no hard and fast rules though many people follow the age-old theory that opposites attract.

  But now a study has found that more often that not, similarity rules the day.
  Researchers at Berkeley found that people are drawn to potential romantic partners if they are of their own or similar leagueand desirability, which they called the ‘matching hypothesis’.
  Of course personality traits and common interests play a factor but for that instant attraction, like is drawn towards like, putting paid to the phrase, ‘You're out of my league‘.
  For their research, the authors of the study turned - as most singletons do today - to online dating sites.
  They measured the popularity of more than 3,000 heterosexualusers of a site and looked at the popularity of each.

  Popularity was defined by the number of opposite-sex individuals who had sent unsolicitedmessages to a user.

  Analyses indicated that high-popularity users contacted other popular users at a rate greater than would be expected by chance.
  Similarly, the less popular users of the site also contacted other low-popularity users.
  The researchers then conducted a follow-up study of more than a million users and found a similar result - when it comes to dating, potential mates stick to someone in their own league.
  The authors found that: ’Individuals on the dating market will assess their own self-worth and select partners whose social desirability approximately equals their own.
  ‘Using data collected in the laboratory and from users of a popular online dating site, the authors found evidence for matching based on self-worth, physical attractiveness, and popularity, but to different degrees and not always at the same stage of the dating process.
  ’The most striking prediction is that undesirable individuals will choose undesirable partners.‘


    在英语六级阅读中前两部分通常是实用性强的功能性短文,如菜单、产品说明、通知、住宿安排和广告等,非常贴近西方的实际生活,但对我们国内绝大多数考生而言会很陌生。这就要求考生们争取每天阅读一定量的原版英文报刊、书籍,如time、 reader’s digest等,尤其注意其中的各种各样的广告。并非要读懂每一个字,或完全理解,只要能理解其中大至含义既可。

英语阅读中主要是关于历史中的重要人物、事件和发明和科学现象、学科最新动向、地理现象以及社会发展、经济状况等。其中大部分文章选自国外人文类、经济类和科学类的知名报纸、杂志或各政府、组织的研究报告。如:new scientist、 financial times、 the economist、 popular science、national geographic、scientific american 等。这些刊物在国内虽然不易看到,但考生们可以通过internet在网上进行阅读,以熟悉它们的文风、常用的词汇和句子结构。







  Public image refers to how a company is viewed by its customers, suppliers, and stockholders, by the financial community, by the communities 62 it operates, and by federal and local govemments. Public image is controllable 63 considerable extent, just as the product, price, place, and promotional efforts are.

  A firm’s public image plays a vital role in the 64 of the firm and its products to employees, customers, and to such outsiders 65 stockholders, suppliers, creditors ,government officials, as well as 66 special groups. With some things it is impossible to 67 all the diverse publics: for example, a new highly automated plant may meet the approval of creditors and stockholders, 68 it will undoubtedly find 69 from employees who see their jobs 70 .

     On the other hand, high and service standards should bring almost complete approval, 71 low and 72 claims would be widely looked down up on. A firm’s public image, if it is good, should be treasured and protected. It is a valuable 73 that usually is built up over a long and satisfying relationship of a firm with publics. If a firm has learned a quality image, it is not easily 74 or imitated by competitors. Such an image may enable a firm to 75 higher prices, to win the best distributors and dealers, to attract the best employees, to expect the most 76 creditor relationships and lowest borrowing costs. It should also allow the firm’s stock to command higher price-earnings 77 than other firms in the same industry with such a good reputation and public image.

  A number of factors affect the public image of a corporation. 78 include physical 79 , contacts of outsiders 80 company employees, product quality and dependability, prices 81 to competitors, customer service, the kind of advertising and the media and programs used, and the use of public relations and publicity.

  [A] which
  [B] what
  [C] where
  [D] whom
  [A] in
  [B] within
  [C] on
  [D] to
  [A] attraction
  [B] attachment
  [C] affection
  [D] generalization
  [A] and
  [B] with
  [C] as
  [D] for
  [A] converse
  [B] diverse
  [C] reverse
  [D] universe
  [A] satisfy
  [B] treat
  [C] amuse
  [D] entertain
  [A] so
  [B] then
  [C] thus
  [D] but
  [A] support
  [B] identification
  [C] compliment
  [D] resistance
  [A] ensured
  [B] promoted
  [C] threatened
  [D] unemployed
  [A] because
  [B] while
  [C] though
  [D] when
  [A] false
  [B] fake
  [C] artificial
  [D] counterfeit
  [A] fortune
  [B] asset
  [C] possession
  [D] property
  [A] countered
  [B] defeated
  [C] repelled
  [D] compelled
  [A] pay
  [B] get
  [C] order
  [D] charge
  [A] favorite
  [B] prosperous
  [C] favorable
  [D] prospective
  [A] rate
  [B] ratio
  [C] ration
  [D] interest
  [A] These
  [B] They
  [c] that
  [D] It
  [A] appliances
  [B] equipment
  [C] devices
  [D] facilities
  [A] on
  [B] with
  [C] in
  [D] along
  [A] relative
  [B] related
  [C] reliable
  [D] reconcilable



  1. In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games__________
  [A] were merely national athletic festivals
  [B] were in the nature of a national event with a strong religious color
  [C] had rules which put foreign participants in a disadvantageous position
  [D] were primarily national events with few foreign participants
  2. The order of athletic events at the ancient Olympics__________
  [A] was not definitely established
  [B] varied according to the number of foreign competitors
  [C] was decided by Zeus, in whose honor the Games were held
  [D] was considered unimportant
  3. In the early days of ancient Olympic Games, __________
  [A] only male Greek athletes were allowed to participate in the games
  [B] all Greeks, irrespective of sex, religion or social status, were allowed to take part
  [C] all Greeks, with the exception of women, were allowed to compete in Games
  [D] all male Greeks were qualified to compete in the Games

  4. Modem athletes’ results cannot be compared with those of ancient runners because __________
  [A] the Greeks had no means of recording the results
  [B] details such as the time were not recorded in the past
  [C] they are much better
  [D] they are much worse
  5. Nowadays, the athletes’ expenses are paid __________
  [A] out of the prize money of the winners
  [B] out of the funds raised by the competing nations
  [C] by the athletes them selves
  [D] by contributions
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