On the Overdependence of China’s College Students on Their Parents


  On the Overdependence of China’s College Students on Their Parents
  In the United States, students generally seek an independent life at 18. They take on part-time jobs, live away from their parents, and finance their own education partially, if not completely. Upon graduation, they find a job, or launch their own business by filing for loans from the bank. They live in rented apartments even after marriage and buy a house only when they can afford it. This is a typical pattern how the American younger generation grows up.
  By contrast, most college students in present-day China, as the sole children of their families, take for granted their excessive dependence upon their parents. They hold their parents responsible for furnishing them with all the tuitions and living expenses. They seldom work part-time to alleviate their parents of their burdens. They have expensive dinners and birthday celebrations with their parents’ hard-earned money through months of hard work.
  In recent years, under the pretext of employment difficulty, some students return home to live with their parents after graduation. While their parents are busy at work, they idle away their time day after day, least concerned with finding a job to have their own source of income. Worse still, they exhaust every penny of their parents and even grandparents to buy an apartment for their own enjoyment. In doing so, they even plunge their parents into serious debts.
  This group of students have come to acquire an infamous name—“the Elderly-Devouring Community”. A more understandable phrase might be “parasites”. This community has come into existence as a result of long-time over-indulgence on the part of parents and the indolence and selfishness on the part of students themselves. Compared with their American counterparts, Chinese students should feel ashamed of themselves and take immediate actions to terminate their elderly-devouring behavior and become independent and self-reliant.

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