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Doing good work isn't the only requirement

If a promotion is one of your goals for the next year, are you doing everything you can to make it happen?

It would be nice if hard work and talent would automatically lead to a job with more pay, more responsibility, and a better title. But in most cases, it takes more than that to move to the next level.

Make Yourself Known

Look at the job you'd like to have a year from now. Who selects candidates for this position? Who does that person work with and ask for advice?

"Then you systematically sit down and think about how you're going to make contact," says Helen Harkness, founder of Career Design Inc., in Dallas. There are lots of ways to do this. You can volunteer to serve on a committee with the people you need to know, for example. You can forward them articles or information that relate to their expertise.
“然后,你要坐下来系统地思考如何和这些人联系,”达拉斯的Career Design 公司创办人Helen Harkness说。有许多方法可以取得联系,比如,你可以自愿去为你需要认识的人的小组工作。你可以把和他们工作有关的文章和信息发送给他们。

Help Your Boss Succeed

Often, your boss is the person who will decide if you'll be promoted. But even if not, your boss will almost certainly be consulted. So impressing your boss is a top priority.
往往你的上司就是那个决定是否提拔你的人。即便不是这样,也几乎肯定要听取他的意见。 所以,给上司一个好印象是第一重要的事情。

Marianne Adoradio, a recruiter and career counselor in Silicon Valley, suggests focusing on your company's key goals, then talking with your boss to find out which are most important in your department. "It's really important to be aware of what is going to make your boss successful, what is most important to him or her."
硅谷招聘人员及职业顾问Marianne Adoradio给你的建议是关注公司的主要目标;然后和上司讨论你的部门最重要的工作是什么。“认识到怎样才能让上司成功,以及对他/她来说什么最重要,这两点真的很重要。”

Start Doing the Job

You don't want to stage an office coup and start making personnel decisions that are your boss' responsibility. But you need to show that you can work at a higher level than your current position.

"People are easily promoted when they show that they can already do parts of the job they want to move into," says Steve Levin, principal of Leading Change Consulting & Coaching, in Portola Valley, California. "If you want to move from being a manager to a group manager, start taking on responsibility for what a group manager does. Start thinking like they do."
Leading Change Consulting & Coaching(位于加州Portola峡谷)的负责人Steve Levin称:“当人们表现出已有能力做希望职位的部分工作时,就很容易被提拔。如果你想从普通管理人员晋升到部门管理者,那就开始承担这个职务的责任,像其他部门管理者一样去考虑问题。”

Then you can make the case that "I'm already doing the job; I just need the title."

"That's pretty irresistible to your boss," Levin says.

Have a Plan B

Many people think there's a system in place at work that will take care of them and their career path, Harkness says. "They expect it to happen 1-2-3, automatically. They do the right thing, and they're going to get that promotion. It doesn't work that way."
Harkness 说,许多人以为职场天生就有一个系统能帮助他们规划好职业发展。“他们希望按1-2-3步自动进行。只要按部就班,就能获得晋升。但事实不是那样的。”

In fact, Harkness says, it can happen that "you do everything you're supposed to do and it doesn't work." It's important to understand that the workplace is uncertain -- and to know what your backup plan is if you don't get the promotion you want.

If the promotion was a stretch and your boss is encouraging even while turning you down, it may be worth spending another year gaining experience. But you may also want to explore career options outside the company.
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