Part III   Listening Comprehension                                  (35 minutes)
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Section  A
Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

11. A) He didn't think the course is useful.
B) He thought the course was wonderful.
C) He wanted to take more optional courses.
D) He just couldn't understand the professor's lecture.
12. A) The woman would sew them back on.
B) The woman would quarrel with the man.
C) The man would not take the responsibility.
D) The man gave the woman a good suggestion.
13. A) 702-6493-17.         B) 70-702-6493.
C) 702-6493-70.      D) 17-702-6493.
14. A) The man wants to buy a table.
B) The man came to the café alone.
C) The table by the window is free for anyone.
D) The table by the window has been left for someone else.
15. A) To the office.          B) To school.
C) To a department store. D) To a restraunt.
16. A) The woman tries to have an interview with the man.
B) The interview will last for more than two hours.
C) The man still has time to make an interview.
D) The man agreed with the woman to have an interview at last.
17. A) A shop assistant.    B) A travel agent.   C) A waitress.   D) A teacher.
18. A) The radiator is full of water.
B) The car has broken down.
C) The car is in dangerous condition.
D) The radiator doesn't work.

Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
19. A) To fix a time when he brings the paper to her.
B) To tell her his roommate Benjamin Jones is sick.
C) To tell her he can't go to her office today.
D) To ask her for information about a course she teaches.
20. A) To learn how he can graduate.
B) To chat with the woman.
C) To consult the woman some information for his term paper.
D) To get some information about a course the woman teaches.
21. A) To give a presentation.     B) To read two books.
C) To paint three pictures.    D) To take the final exam.
22. A) Come to her office in the afternoon.
B) Call her after her meeting.
C) Come to her office tomorrow afternoon.
D) Go to the library tomorrow morning.

Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
23. A) He visited it in person.    B) He learned from a friend about it.
C) He read it in a magazine.    D) He knew the sculptor.
24. A) They are very expensive.       B) They weigh very much.
C) They are made of pieces of aluminum. D) They have triangles all over.
25. A) It was too expensive.     B) It was too heavy to hand.
C) It was not pretty.      D) It was easy to get rotten.
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