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听力原文(SecA 11-14题)

11. W: This is one of our best and least expensive two-bedroom listings. It’s located in a quiet building and it’s close to bus lines.
M: That maybe true. But look at it, it’s awful, the paint has peeled off and carpet is worn and the stove is ancient.
Q: What can we infer from the conversation?

12. M: The pictures we took at the botanical garden should be ready tomorrow.
W: I can’t wait to see them, I’m wondering if the shots I took are as good as I thought.
Q: What is the woman eager to know?

13. W: The handle of the suitcase is broken. Can you have it fixed by next Tuesday?
M: Let me see, I need to find a handle that matches but that shouldn’t take too long.
Q: What does the man mean?

14. M: This truck looks like what I need but I’m worried about maintenance. For us it’ll have to operate for long periods of time in very cold temperatures.
W: We have several models that are especially adaptive for extreme conditions. Would you like to see them?
Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?

M: I think your boss would be very upset when he gets your letter of resignation.
W: That may be so. But in the letter, I just told him frankly I could no longer live with his poor management and stupid decisions.
Q: What do we learn about the woman?

W I’d like to exchange the shirt. I’ve learned that the person bought it for allergic to wool.
M Maybe we can find something in cotton or silk. Please come this way.
Q;What does the women want to do?

M: Excuse me, Miss?Did anyone happen to turn in a new handbag? You know, it’s a birthday gift for my wife.
W: Let me see. Oh, we’ve got quite a lot of women’s bags here. Can you give me more detailed information, such as the color, the size and the trademark?
Q: Where does this conversation most probably take place?

M What are you going to do with the old house you are in heritage from your grandfather?
W I once intended to sell it, but now, I’m thinking of turning it into a guest house, because it's still a solid structure.
Q: What does the man plan to do with his old house?

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