It is a not-uncommon social phenomenon that the university rankings are especially prevalent in our country. For example, universities are measured by scale, academic achievements or the number of papers published in famous magazines.

As to this issue, opinions vary from person to person. Some people hold that university ranking dramatically promotes the development of university in various fields. But others maintain that university ranking also leads to some undesirable consequences such as academic fraud even to deceive people.

As far I am concerned, every coin has two sides. On one hand, University ranking does encourage the development and growth of colleges. Such growth– the grand libraries, splendid stadiums and fruitful academic achievements, has caught the attention of the world. We’re impressed by these signs of our education’s tour to the 21st century.

On the other hand, we have to pay attention to an unexpected phenomenon that some people have ignored the objectivity of university ranking. Take South university of science and technology of china for an example, this university occupies the second position in some university rankings. In those rankings, it is superior to Peking University and Tsinghua university. In a word, we should inspire the advantages of university and abandon its disadvantages.


Part Ⅱ
Reading Comprehension(Skimming and Scanning)
1.A not be sustained in the long term

2.B Intergenerational conflicts will intensify.
解析:从书名定位到原文第二段,heading for the rock, the cleaner, 都暗示了两代人之间的问题,最后的warfare则一目了然地指出了该矛盾。

3.D politicians are afraid of losing votes in the next election

4.A allow people to work longer
解析:从题干中the most effective method找到第五段第三句原话,直接选择A选项。

5.D younger workers are readily available
解析:题目中employer为关键字,找到第六段,该段看似没有直接提到为什么雇主不愿意雇佣old workers,但从其不断分析新涌现出来的劳动力替代者,可以总结的出D选项,即年轻劳动力的供给已足以满足企业需求。

6.B large numbers of immigrants from overseas
解析:这道题间接考察了学生变换思维的能力,Japan在文中一时难以找到,但其所代表的发达国家群体developed countries却出现在了第七段,而该段恰恰揭示了发达国家靠移民劳动力寻求养老机制危机一时的缓解的举措。

7.B They find it hard to balance career and family.

8.be innovative and take risks than younger ones
解析:题目中old societies关键字对应到倒数第六段第三行,题目中的less inclined正好与原文中的more strongly disinclined形成对照,所以答案只需摘录之后的原文即可,即take risks than younger ones.

9.mostly have families
解析:题目中关键字intergenerational warfare对应到原文倒数第五段。第二句直接对第一句做出了解释,摘录即可。

10.military service
解析:要理解题目中less willing to 的含义,即不情愿,这样定位到倒数第三段第一句的reluctant, commit sth. to sth. ,空格内需要填写名词,参照原文,即military service.


Part Ⅲ
Listening Comprehension
Section A
11. What can we infer from the conversation?
【答案】C. The man is looking for an apartment.
【解析】从对话中看出女士在推销,而男士正在找apartment building。。

12. What is the woman eager to know?
【答案】B How the pictures will turn out.
【解析】女士想知道的是if the shots I took are as good as I thought. 照片是不是和她想的异样好。这里shots指照片。turn out指照片拍出来的效果。因此选B。

13. What does the man mean?
【答案】C The suitcase can be fixed in time.
【解析】男士说到find a handle后面提到 but that shouldn’t take too long说明不是没有handle可以匹配。因此排除A,B。

14. What do we learn about the man from the conversation?
【答案】B He needs a vehicle to be used in harsh weather.
【解析】男士说到truck需要operate for long periods of time in very cold temperatures,因此选择选项B。very cold temperatures对应harsh weather.

15. What do we learn about the woman?
【答案】A She has made up her mind to resign.
【解析】从文中女士强硬的口气I could no longer live with…可以看出她下定决心。因此选择A。

16. What does the women want to do?
【答案】D Replace the shirt with one of some other material.
【解析】女士首先提到exchange the shirt,后面又解释了原因allergic to wool,从男士的回答也可以看出换成别的材质。因此选择D。

17. Where does this conversation most probably take place?
【答案】D At a “Lost and Found”
【解析】男士首先问Did anyone happen to turn in a new handbag?,女士又问了他handbag的详细信息,可见是在失物招领处,选D。

18. What does the man plan to do with his old house?
【答案】C Convert in into a hotel
【解析】but后面是真正意图: turning it into a guest house。guest house 意为宾馆,因此选C。
19. What is the key to write a good classical detective story according to the man?
【答案】D Careful plotting and clueing.
【解析】对话中提到it must be so carefully plotted and so carefully clued,对应D选项。

20. What does the man mainly need when working on a book?
【答案】D To be entirely alone.
【解析】对话中can’t even bare anybody else, be completely alone都说明该作家需要独立的写作空间,因此选择D。

21. What does the man say about writers?
【答案】C They look at the world in a detached manner.
【解析】关键词detachment 分离。作家提到作者的经历和写作。虽然说道some experiences overwhelm everyone, 但是后面的but暗示了答案,stand aside、detachment都对应了C选项。

22. What does the woman say about British railways?
【答案】B Like it or not, you have to use them.
【解析】在对话一开始,女士就提到了There’s only one railway system, if you don't like a particular railway, you can’t go and use another. 因为只有一条铁路,即使不喜欢,也只能乘坐,换句话说不论喜欢与否都得用它。因此选择B。

23. What do some people who write to the man complain about?
【答案】D The monopoly of British Railways.

24. What does the man say threatens the existence of railways?
【答案】B Competition from other modes of transport.
【解析】对话中modes of transport are all around对应选项B。

25. What does the man say about railways in other countries?
【答案】D They lose a lot of money.
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