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  1.A)He relaxes.

  B)He goes fishing.

  C)He goes to work.

  D)He works at

  2.(A) This conversation was at the airport.

  (B) They were eating lunch and talking in a restaurant.

  (C) This took place in a college information office.

  (D) They were at the dean's home.

  3.A)A news program.


  C)Research topics.

  D)A dating service.

  4.A)At a hospital.

  B)At a political convention.

  C)At a graduation.

  D)At a funeral.

  5.A)Buy a boutique.

  B)Buy a dress for his wife.

  C)Talk to Mrs.Winter.

  D)Call Mr.Howard.

  6.A)Because you must take the stairs.

  B)Because nine is an odd number.

  C)Because the elevator got stuck.

  D)Because there are too many people in the elevator.

  7.A)The man has until Friday to pay his registration fees.

  B)If the man pays on Friday,he will have to pay a late

  C)The man's registration fees are overdue and will not be accepted.

  D)Because the man has a good excuse,the woman will let him pay his fees after Friday.

  8.A)She has already seen it.

  B)She preferred to visit with her cousin.

  (C)Her cousin stopped to buy something.

  (D)Her watch stopped and she didn’t know the time.

  9.A)The train is cheaper than the bus.

  B)The bus is cheaper than the train.

  C)There are two buses everyday.

  D)The train is faster than the bus.

  10.A)He needed an electrician.

  B)The water was running.

  C)He had no hot water.

  D)There was no heat.

  PASSAGE 1 (answer 11-13)

  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  11.A)They have no effect on it.

  B)They help promote it slightly.

  C)They help promote it greatly.

  D)They tend generally to limit it.

  12.A)Band savings.

  B)Productive investment.


  D)Property purchases.

  13.A)Precious metals.

  B)Population pressures.


  D)Agricultural practices.

  PASSAGE 2 (answer 14-17)

  Questions 14 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  14.A)A radio broadcast.

  B)A political discussion.

  C)A sales promotion.

  D)A health documentary.

  15.A)Where fruit is grown.

  B)How fruit becomes ripe.

  C)Why fruit falls from trees.

  D)Which fruits are edible.

  16.A)The fruit itself.

  B)The air surrounding the

  C)The spray applied by farmers.

  D)The tree or vines to which the fruit is attached.

  17.A) The fruit loses its sweetness.

  B)The fruit falls off the tree.

  C)Bees begin to pollinate the fruit.

  D)The temperature inside the fruit increases.

  PASSAGE 3 (answer 18-20)

  Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  18.A)At a school.

  B)At an exhibition.

  C)At a government institution.

  D)At a research institution.

  19.A) Location of the

  B) structure of the school.

  C)Layout of the school.

  D)Regulations of the school.

  20.A) He is not a very formal person.

  B)He is a very busy person.

  C)He is not a very active person.

  D)He is a very strict person

【答案见下页】  1—5 DCBCB 6—10 BABBB 11—15 DDBAB 16—20 ADACB

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