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  1.A)At a gas station.

  B)At a bank.

  C)At a hospital.

  D)At a school.

  2.A)She wants to win the race.

  B)She is tired of losing.

  C)She doesn't want to disappoint her

  D)Her sister is waiting for her.

  3.A)Barry no longer lives in New York.

  B)Barry doesn't know how to economize.

  C)The woman called Barry in California.

  D)The woman didn't ever meet Barry.

  4.A)Two hours.

  B)Four hours.

  C)Six hours.

  D)Eight hours.

  5.A) A restaurant.


  C)The stadium.

  D)A star.

  6.A)A play.

  B)A movie.

  C)A lecture.

  D)A concert.

  7.A)Three-quarters of an hour.

  B)Half an hour.

  C)A quarter of an hour.

  D)Ten minutes.

  8.A) He fell.

  B)He had a fight.

  C)He was killed.

  D)He was punished.

  9.A) The upper branches were too high for the

  B) The lower branches didn't have any green apples.

  C) The apples on the top branches weren’t ripe.

  D)In one week,there would be more apples.

  10.A)Away from home.

  B)In the army.

  C)At a distant college.

  D)At camp.

  PASSAGE 1 (answer 11-13)

  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just

  11.A)10 points.

  B)2 points.

  C)15 points.

  D)5 points.

  12.A)They will take one of the six major tests.

  B)They will be given a pop test.

  C)They will be required to read a short story in class.

  D)They will have to write a composition.

  13.A)An essay.

  B)A magazine article.

  C)A poem.

  D)A short story.

  PASSAGE 2 (answer 14-17)

  Questions 14 to 17 are based on the passage you have just

  14.A)Different methods of pollination.

  B)One example of an evolutionary strategy.

  C)The food supply of the hummingbird.

  D)Hummingbirds and hawk moths.

  15.A)It grows in a very cool climate.

  B)It is extremely difficult to grow.

  C)Its blossoms change color.

  D)Its nectar is bright red.

  16.A)They prefer warmer weather.

  B)There are not enough moths to eat.

  C)They are looking for brighter flowers.

  D)They don't want to be caught by other

  17.A)They resemble other moths.

  B)They emit a fragrant odor.

  C)They scare off other pollinators.

  D)They are highly visible at night.

  PASSAGE 3 (answer 18-20)

  Questions 18 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  18.A)The museums are financial successes.

  B)People are leaving New York too rapidly.

  C)The public should support cultural institutions.

  D)Crocker Bank wants new depositors.

  19.A)They have hotels and stores.

  B)Tourists are brought to the city by them to spend money.

  C)Hotels are beside the museums.

  D)They need money to build the museums.

  20.A)Not enough tourists.

  B)Reduction in government support.

  C)People are not interested in art any more.

  D)Too many hotels in the cities.

1—5 CAACD 6—10 DCACC 11—15 DDDBC 16—20 ADCBB

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