Part I   Writing:                                                 (30 minutes)


PartⅡ  Reading Comprehension (Skimming and Scanning)              (15 minutes)

Directions: In this part, you will have 15 minutes to go over the passage quickly and answer the questions on Answer Sheet 1. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer from the choices marked A), B), C) and D).
For questions 8 to10, complete the sentences with the information given in the passage.

2009年6月英语六级考试模拟试卷(1) - 【听力文件下载】

2009年6月英语六级考试模拟试卷(1) - 【试题答案下载】


1 首都师范大学
2 清华大学
  每周一至周五下午 1:30--4:30
3 南开大学
  每周五 9:00-11:00 或 3:00-5:00
4 河北科技大学
  每周一、三、五 工作时间 5月1日-6月30日间发放
5 太原师范学院
6 内蒙古大学
  每周五 9:00--11:00 (2009年6月19日前领取)
7 辽宁大学
8 大连理工大学
9 吉林大学
10 哈尔滨考点
11 复旦大学
12 上海交通大学
13 华东理工大学
14 南京大学
15 东南大学
16 徐州师范大学
  每周的周一至周三下午 14:30-17:00
17 苏州大学
18 浙江大学
19 中国科学技术大学
20 安徽师范大学
21 福建师范大学
22 厦门大学
23 南昌大学
  每周周一至周五, 9:00-11:30; 14:00-16:30
24 山东大学
25 青岛大学
  每周五, 2009年4月23日-6月22日
26 中国海洋大学
27 郑州大学
28 武汉大学
29 华中科技大学
30 中南财经政法大学
31 华中师范大学
32 湖南大学
33 湖南师范大学
34 中山大学
35 华南理工大学
36 广西大学
  上午:8:00-12:00  下午:3:00-5:30
37 广西师范大学
38 海南大学
39 重庆大学
  每周一至五(节假日除外)上午 9:00-11:30, 下午3:00-5:30
40 四川大学
41 西南交通大学
42 贵州大学
43 云南大学
44 西北工业大学
45 西安外国语大学
  星期一至星期五,8:00--11:30 ;14:00--17:30
46 兰州大学
47 新疆大学
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11.A) Dr. Smith's waiting room isn't tidy. B) Dr. Smith enjoys reading magazines.
C) Dr. Smith has left a good impression on her. D) Dr. Smith may not be a good choice.
12. A) The man will rent the apartment when it is available.
B) The man made a bargain with the landlady over the rent.
C) The man insists on having a look at the apartment first.
D) The man is not fully satisfied with the apartment.
13. A) Packing up to go abroad. B) Brushing up on her English.
C) Drawing up a plan for her English course. D) Applying for a visa to the United States.
14. A) He is anxious to find a cure for his high blood pressure.
B) He doesn't think high blood pressure is a problem for him.
C) He was not aware of his illness until diagnosed with it.
D) He did not take the symptoms of his illness seriously.
15. A) To investigate the causes of AIDS. B) To raise money for AIDS patients.
C) To rally support for AIDS victims in Africa. D) To draw attention to the spread of AIDS in Asia.16. A) It has a very long history. B) It is a private institution.
C) It was founded by Thomas Jefferson. D) It stresses the comprehensive study of nature.
17. A) They can't fit into the machine. B) They have not been delivered yet.
C) They were sent to the wrong address. D) They were found to be of the wrong type.
18. A) The food served in the cafeteria usually lacks variety.
B) The cafeteria sometimes provides rare food for the students.
C) The students find the service in the cafeteria satisfactory.
D) The cafeteria tries hard to cater to the students' needs.
Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
19 .A) He picked up some apples in his yard. B) He cut some branches off the apple tree.
C) He quarreled with his neighbor over the fence. D) He cleaned up all the garbage in the woman's yard.
20. A) Trim the apple trees in her yard.
B) Pick up the apples that fell in her yard.
C) Take the garbage to the curb for her.
D) Remove the branches from her yard.
21. A) File a lawsuit against the man. B) Ask the man for compensation.
C) Have the man's apple tree cut down. D) Throw garbage into the man's yard.
22. A) He was ready to make a concession. B) He was not intimidated.
C) He was not prepared to go to court. D) He was a bit concerned.

Questions 23 to 25are based on the conversation you have just heard.

23. A) Bad weather. B) Human error.
C) Breakdown of the engines.
D) Failure of the communications system.

24. A) Two thousand feet. B) Twelve thousand feet.
C) Twenty thousand feet. D) Twenty-two thousand feet.

25. A) Accurate communication is of utmost importance.
B) pilots should be able to speak several foreign languages.
C) Air controllers should keep a close watch on the weather.
D) Cooperation between pilots and air controllers is essential.
Section B


Passage One

Questions 26 to 29 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

26. A) His father caught a serious disease. B) His mother passed away.  

C) His mother left him to marry a rich businessman. D) His father took to drinking.

27. A) He disliked being disciplined. B) He was expelled by the university. C) He couldn't pay his gambling debts. D) He enjoyed working for a magazine.

28. A) His poems are heavily influenced by French writers.
B) His stories are mainly set in the State of Virginia.
C) His work is difficult to read.
D) His language is not refined.

29. A) He grieved to death over the loss of his wife.
B) He committed suicide for unknown reasons.
C) He was shot dead at the age of 40.
D) He died of heavy drinking.

Questions 30 to 32 are based on the passage you have just heard.

30. A) Women. B) Prisoners. C) Manual workers. D) School age children.

31. A) He taught his students how to pronounce the letters first.
B) He matched the letters with the sounds familiar to the learners.
C) He showed the learners how to combine the letters into simple words.
D) He divided the letters into groups according to the way they are written.

32. A) It Can help people to become literate within a short time.
B) It was originally designed for teaching the English language.
C) It enables the learners to master a language within three months.
D) It is effective in teaching any alphabetical language to Brazilians.

Passage Three

Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

33. A) The crop's blooming period is delayed. B) The roots of crops are cut off.
C) The topsoil is seriously damaged. D)The growth of weeds is accelerated.

34. A) It's a new way of applying chemical fertilizer.
B) It's an improved method of harvesting crops.
C) It's a creative technique for saving labor.
D) It's a farming process limiting the use of ploughs.

35. A) In areas with few weeds and unwanted plants.
B) In areas with a severe shortage of water.
C) In areas lacking in chemical fertilizer.
D) In areas dependent on imported food.

Section C


Adults are getting smarter about how smart babies are. Not long ago, researchers learned that 4-day-oldscould understand (36)____ and subtraction. Now, British research (37)____Graham Schafer has discovered that infant scan learn words for uncommon things long before they can speak. He found that 9-month-old infants could be taught, through repeated show-and-tell, to (38)_______the names of objects that were foreign to them, a result that(39)________in some ways the received (40)______that, apart from learning to (41)______things common to theirdaily lives, children don't begin to build vocabulary until well into their second year. "It's no (42)______that children learn words, but the words they tend to know are words linked to (43)_________situations in the home," explains Schafer." 44)__________________________with an unfamiliar voice giving instructions in an unfamiliar setting." Figuring out how humans acquire language may shed light on why some children learn to read and write later than others, Schafer says, and could lead to better treatments for developmental problems. (45)__________________. "Language is a test case for human cognitive development," says Schafer. But parents eager to teach their infants should take note: (46)_________________________ . "This is not about advancing development," he says. "It's justabout what children can do at an earlier age than what educators have often thought."
  How to Improve Students’ Mental Health




  In modern society, people are destined to cope with a lot of pressure, from either outer world or inner will. The cases of suicide in campus in recent years fully reveal the importance of mental health.

  As a consequence, it is imperative for the colleges and universities to take effective actions. In the first place, the authorities concerned should enhance the awareness of college students that mental fitness is of utmost significance to them. It is true that physical factors affect one’s health conditions a great deal, but at the same time, we should not neglect the mental factors. In the second place, the universities should frequently enlighten the juvenile to keep optimistic in their daily life.

  Hence, it is vital for us to keep mental health under whatsoever circumstances. All of us have experienced failures. However, some with self-confidence may draw lessons from failure and achieve success, while others are desperately frustrated. When most people are aware of the significance of physical health, we must also remind them of the value of mental health.


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How to improve student's mental health
1、 大学生的心理健康十分重要
2、 因此,学校可以......
3、 我们自己应当......

Students' mental health has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Indeed, it is widely accepted that it has gained growing popularity among persons in all walks of life. There is a general discussion today about the issue of disorder in brains.

Obviously, it is necessary that effective actions should be taken to prevent problems. Authorities in universities play a critical role in the situation. To begin with, schools, such as colleges or universities, can provide chances for the young men to ease their attention. What's more, some are physically strong, but psychological problems are able to bring potential threats. Teaches may have a chance to find them in advance. Besides, specialists in this field are to be required to make full preparation for cases in time. Facing the crisis, experts can deal with it in a professional way, which means they have more or better opportunities to save us than others. (学校)

From the factors mentioned above, we may safely draw the conclusion that we can free ourselves from mental illness by taking certain precautions. For example, if you have pains or puzzles in mind, finding a friend to express these is a good way to release pressure. Certainly, there is little doubt that further attention will be paid to the issue.(我们)


1. C. New explanations for the obesity epidemic.
2. A. gained the least weight
3. B. it causes sleep loss
4. D. It contributes to our weight gain.
5. C. It suppresses their appetite.
6. D. Those who quit smoking.
7. B. the rising proportion of minorities in its population
8. unclear
9. family size
10. partly genetic


11.   A)    He is quite easy to recognize.
12.   C)    Continue her dancing class.
13.   D)   The woman may not have followed the doctor’s instructions.
14.   C)    They no longer suit his eyesight.
15.   D)   He rushed out of the bath to answer the phone.
16.   D)   Assembling the bookcase.
17.   A)    Urge Jenny to spend more time on study.
18.   C)    The local people feel insecure about the dam.
19.   B)    Its production and sales reached record levels.
20.   A)    They cost less.
21.   C)    It is bound to revive.
22.   A)    Organising protests.
23.   C)    Anti-nuclear campaigns.
24.   A)    By harassing them.
25.   D)   Supportive.
26.   B)    The air pressure is low.
27.   C)    People knew long ago how to predict the weather.
28.   B)    People can predict the weather by their senses.
29.   D)   They feel burdened with numerous tasks every day.
30.   B)    Draw a detailed to-do list.
31.   A)    They have accomplished little.
32.   A)    Their performance may improve.
33.   B)    Increased susceptibility to disease.
34.   D)   Pay more attention to bodily sensations.
35.   C)    The relationship between stress and illness.
36    appearance
37    symbol
38    decades
39    exported
40    apparent
41    percentage
42    combination
43    convenient
44    Our air quality now suffers from the effects of pollutants emitted directly from our cars.
45    The problems caused by motorized vehicles in the West are often magnified in developing nations.
46    Movement in some cities comes to a virtual standstill as motorized traffic competes with bicycles and pedestrians.


47. lighter and more absorbent
48. the potential in the U.S.
49. established athletic footwear industry
50. informally
51. The team spirit and shared values of the athletes

52. B. By its sustainability
53. D. the decrease of brodiversity
54. C. They are not necessarily sustainable.
55. A. It will go through radical changes.
56. D. To urge people to rethink what sustainable agriculture is.

57. A. They were of inferior races.
58. B. They can do just as well as their predecessors.
59. D. They may forever remain poor and underachieving.
60. C. Prevent them from being marginalized.
61. B. how to help immigrants to better fit into American society.


62 C results
63 A services
64 D from
65 C due
66 B owners
67 D grants
68 C unique
69 B permission
70 A except
71 C original
72 D distribute
73 B length
74 A plus
75 C distinguish
76 B but
77 A identical
78 C popularity
79 D Upon
80 B renewed
81 A long
82 He designed the first suspension bridge, which combined beauty and function perfectly.(把完美与功能完美地结合起来)
83 It was very dark, but Mary seemed to know which way to take by instinct.(本能地知道该走哪条路)
84 I don't think it advisable that parents deprive their children of freedom (剥夺孩子们的自由)to spend their spare time as they wish.
85 Older adults who have a high level of daily activities have more energy and a lower death rate compared with those who don't. (与不那么活跃的人相比死亡率要低)
86 Your resume should attract a would-be boss's attention by demonstrating why you are the best candidate for a certain position. (为什么你是某个职位的最佳人选)
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