Although credit cards are becoming a more acceptable part of the financial scene, they are still regarded with suspicion by many as being a major part of the "live now pay later" syndrome(^Jttt). Along with hire-purchase, rental and leasing schemes, they provide encouragement to spend more money. Of course, it is only the foolhardy who yield to the temptation to live, temporarily at least, beyond their means, and such people would no doubt manage to do so even without credit cards.
  Advertising campaigns have, however, promoted a growing realization of the advantages of these small pieces of plastic. They obviate (避免) need to carry large amounts of cash and are always useful in emergencies.
  All the credit card organizations charge interest on a monthly basis which may work out as high as 25 per cent a year, yet judicious purchasing using a card can mean that you obtain up to seven weeks, interest-free credit. Using the card abroad, where items frequently take a long time to be included on your account, can extend this period even further.
  It is worthwhile shopping around before deciding on a particular credit card. It is necessary to consider the amount of credit granted; interest rates, which may vary slightly; the number and range of outlets, though most cards cover major garages, hotels, restaurants and department stores; and of course, what happens if your card is lost or stolen. A credit card thief may be sitting on a potential goldmine particularly if there is a delay in reporting the loss of the card.
  However, if used wisely, a credit card can cost nothing, or at least help to tide you over a period of financial difficulty.

  26. Which of the following can not make you spend more money?
  A. Credit cards. B. Hire-purchase.
  C. Rental and leasing schemes. D. None of the above is right.
  27. The foolhardy are people who_______.
  A. spend more money than they have B. spend less money than other people C. save money D. make money
  28. The disadvantage of credit cards is_______.
  A. to enable you to buy things without carrying large amount of cash
  B. to encourage people to spend more money
  C. to be always useful in emergencies
  D. to help people tide over a period of financial difficulty
  29. According to the passage, credit cards are made of_______.
  A. paper B. gold
  C. plastic D. tin
  30. Deciding on a particular credit, you do not have to consider______.
  A. the amount of credit granted
  B. the number and range of outlets
  C. the possibility of loss of money
  D. the department stores where you are going to use your credit cards
  More attention was paid to the quality of production in France at the time of Rene Coty. Charles Deschanel was then the financial minister. He stressed that workmanship and quality were more important than quantity for industrial production. It would be necessary to produce quality goods for the international markets to compete with those produced in other countries. The French economy needed a larger share of international market to balance its import and export trade.

  French industrial and agricultural production was still inadequate to meet the immediate needs of the people, let alone long-ranged developments. Essential imports had stretched the national credit to the breaking point. Rents were tightly controlled, but the extreme inflation affected general population most severely through the cost of food. Food costs took as much as 80 percent of the worker's income. Wages, it is true, had risen. Extensive family allowances and benefits were paid by the state, and there was fulltime and overtime employment. Taken together, these factors enabled the working class to exist but allowed them no sense of security. In this discouraging situation, workmen were willing to work overseas for higher wages.

  The government was unwilling to let workers leave the country. It was feared that migration of workers would reduce the labor force. The lack of qualified workers might hinder the improvement in the quality of industrial products produced. Qualified workers employed abroad would only increase the quantity of quality goods produced in foreign countries. Also the quantity of quality goods produced in France would not be able to increase as part of its ualified labor force moved to other countries.

  1. The purpose of the passage is to_______.
  A. explain the French government's emphasis on quality products
  B. discuss Charles Deschanel's contribution to the French industrial development
  C. compare the quality of French goods with that of foreign goods
  D. show French workmen's enthusiasm to seek well-paid jobs in foreign countries
  2. It can be inferred from the passage that at the time of Rene Coty .
  A. France was still at the first stage of industrial development
  B. French workers were better paid than the workers in any other European countries
  C. the unemployment rate in France was comparatively higher than that in other European countries
  D. French workers were able to live better with the increase in their wages
  3. It is implied in the passage that at that time_______.
  A. France had a very large share of international market
  B. the import and export trade in France was making a successful advance
  C. demand and supply in France was barely balanced
  D. France was experiencing economic depression
  4. Which of the following is the best indicator of the extreme inflation in France?
  A. Eighty percent increase in the prices of consumer goods.
  B. High cost of food.
  C. High rents for houses.
  D. Lack of agricultural products.
  5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
  A. Rents in France were tightly controlled.
  B. France was flooding the international market with inferior products.
  C. French workers were prohibited from going abroad to find jobs.
  D. The migration of French workers would hinder the improvement of quality in industrial production.
  As a company executive(总经理) who spent ten years in federal service, I am often asked what I regard as the biggest difference between working for the government and working for a private company. My invariable response is to say that I look back on my time in government as one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my life. Furthermore, I never worked as hard as when I was a public servant.
  When I worked for the government, I worked with some of the finest, most competent and most committed people I have ever met. I was impressed by the overall quality of our career civil servants then, and I still am. But one of my greatest concerns now is that I will not be able to hold this same high opinion in the future.
  Career public servants are leaving government in alarming numbers, and qualified replacements are becoming harder and harder to find. Good people who leave career government service are striving for highly paid positions in private enterprises.
  We depend on government to keep this country safe in an uncertain world, to secure justice and domestic order and to solve a host of pressing problems. We need the best possible people performing and overseeing these vital tasks. A high-quality, professional federal service has been a source of national pride for more than a century. But what we have built up during a hundred years can be lost in less time than we imagine. We can't afford to let this happen. We must act now if this country is to be assured of the quality public service it deserves.

  21. Career public servants are leaving government in alarming numbers. One of the
  reasons may be that______.
  A. they received lower pay B. they deserved no fame and glory
  C. they performed poorly D. they worked harder than anyone else
  22. According to the author, _______, so I will not be able to hold this same high opinion
  toward the public servants in the future.
  A. I never worked as hard as when I was a public servant
  B. I have become a company executive
  C. there will not be so many competent and qualified servants in the government as we had before
  D. my time in government was not the most exciting experience in my life
  23. We depend on government to keep this country safe in an uncertain world, therefore,
  A. we should make greater contributions to the country
  B. the best possible people are urgently needed to do important tasks
  C. we should show deep concern about the nation's future
  D. we should become public servants
  24. If we neglect the serious problem and make no efforts, we will lose_______.
  A. national pride B. high-quality professional federal service
  C. good people D. private enterprise
  25. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?
  A. Those who work for companies are highly paid.
  B. More and more public servants have left the government.
  C. Career public servants are qualified.
  D. Many people of high qualities want to work in the government.
  Scientists at Sussex University appear to be on the way to ___1___ how the mosquito, carrier of diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, homes in on its target. The problem is that they have found that the best way to avoid being bitten is: stop breathing, stop sweating, and keep down the temperature of your immediate surroundings. __2__ the first suggestion is impossible and the others very difficult.
  Scientists have found that there are three ___3___ stages in a mosquito's assault. Stage one is at fifty feet away, when the insect first smells a man or a animal to ___4___ . Stage two is thought to come into operation about twenty-five feet from the target, when the insect becomes guided by the carbon dioxide breathed out by the intended victim. Stage three is when the mosquito is only a matter of inches from its ___5___ the warmth and moisture given off by the victim is the final clue.
  The researchers then * ___6___ how repellents interfere with its three-stage attack. They found repellents act more subtly than by just giving off a nasty smell. A Canadian researcher says that repellents appear to ___7___ mosquitoes first when it is following the carbon dioxide and second during the final approach, where the warmth and moisture are the insect's ___8___.
  Air pervaded by one of the many chemical repellents stops the mosquito reacting to the victim's carbon dioxide, and the repellent seems to affect the tiny hairs with which the insect senses moisture in the air. The sensors are blocked so that the ___9___ does not know whether it is flying through a moist current, or the sensors are made to send the ___10 ___ signals.

A. examined
B. animal
C. wrong
D. insect
E. bite
F. Unfortunately
G. inventing
H. distinct
I. prey
J. guide
K. checked
L. definite
M. Unnecessarily
N. confuse
O. discovering

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